Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Life Updates:

  • I officially became a Board Member of Chicago's bike advocacy group last week.
  • At a meeting with Illinois's pro-bike State Representative, I inquired about initiating legislation to requiring drivers to pass bikes with three feet of space. For the first time in the meeting, she reached down to pull out her notepad and jotted this down. She thinks she could get a law like that passed. (Wisconsin has this 3' law and I was shocked that WI was in the minority -- most states only require that drivers pass within a "safe" distance -- according to some Chicago drivers, "safe" means only grazing the hair on bikers arms, instead of full-out side-swiping them!)
  • I haven't even ridden past the disabled Dork Bike -- I must stop being lazy and get her home soon!
  • I'm feeling more comfortable on the Julep -- enough so that I rode her home from work in high heels twice last week. She needs some maintenance, though -- her tires are mushy and there is a creaky/crunchy noise coming from bottom bracket/drive train.
  • I hate my job and have been having bad dreams about it.
  • I finally got my act in gear and got admitted to the Bar of the Northern District of Illinois Federal Court.
  • My resume has already been updated to reflect the relevant changes.


The excitement of the week however was Jonathan's Birthday. First of all, he thought he was turning 38, but when he did the math realized he was actually celebrating his 37th birthday. He is a year younger than he thought. How he forgot his own age is beyond me -- but what a sweet birthday present. Now he is only 7.5 years older than me, instead the 8.5 that we thought.

Anyway.......I decided to throw Jonathan a party. My boss tried to gobble all of my free time this week with more work ("when I say overtime, I expect you to work until 10:00 or 11:00 at night to get the project done"). Sorry -- not for artificial deadlines. Also, not when he keeps throwing other new projects at me, too. So to my boss's dismay I refused to work all of the hours he wanted -- and despite his ranting, the sky did not fall atop him. Still, I did not take off Friday like I had hoped, so poor Jonathan had to do most of the shopping for his own party. :(

I spent Saturday making the birthday cake, cooking, cleaning and preparing for the party. We invited people to carve pumpkins with us. A good time was had by everyone:

The Birthday Boy!

Friends Carving Pumpkins at one of the carving tables

Speaking of Pumpkin heads.......Jake's gourd is nearly twice the size of mine!

Kyrie and her vicious Halloween Kitty Pumpkin

Most of the Jack o' Lanterns (some people had already taken theirs home)

The Birthday Cake: flourless chocolate in the shape of a maple leaf.


At 10:23 AM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

pumpkin carving parties... that is


I love the PSA
the Bob Fuller Roadside Memorial

the 3 Foot Law!

I am going to bring that up in a few days

I think DC has a 3 Inch Law
people are not even respecting that


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