Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Police Torture Probe

Today we released our report on Police Brutality in Chicago. This is the project that I have spent the most time on at my job. Check your newspaper for more information.

The final report is new to me also -- so now I get to paw through it to find the passages that I wrote.

In other news, I have been super busy. The last several weekends have been spent out of town:

Hilly Wisconsin bike-camping tour over the weekend of July 4;
Visit to Minneapolis the weekend of July 8;
Canoe/camping trip in Wisconsin this past weekend; and
I'm visiting the hometown friends and family this coming weekend (Jonathan gets to see where I grew up!)

By the end of this month I'll have spent more time in Wisconsin than in the past two years combined!

When I catch my breath I'll try to post more -- but don't hold yours.

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