Monday, June 12, 2006

Special Delivery: Kryptonite

A perfect set of circumstances ocurred unexpectedly. I was running a wee bit late for work as I tried to unlock the dork bike from the fence – the lock simply wouldn’t budge even after wasting precious minutes struggling with it.

Finally, I ran back upstairs to put on a pair of cleats and then to the basement to grab the Bianchi. Together we made good time into downtown.

Early in the morning I received a large box from Kryptonite. I started to dance around with giddiness and tear into the box as people at the office watched me warily.

As I expected, the box contained NINE u-locks that were keyed to match each other. For me: four mini -Ulocks and one standard size, and then a mini and a standard for each of my brothers. Yippeee!!

I wasn’t honestly expecting these to arriver for many more weeks. Now I won’t have to worry about swapping locks or carrying the right key for the right lock for the right bike. Joy. Joy. Joy. Also, even though it will only happen a few times each year, it will be super-convenient when my brothers come into town. I will just leave them a bike at the El station, and they will have the key to unlock it without any advance planning.

Most importantly, the Kryptonite locks have a sliding ‘dust cover’ that will keep the water and crud from gunking up my locks. The way I currently mount my lock on the Julep is perfect for causing rear tire spray to be flung directly into my lock. Yuck.

To make this even more perfect, since I rode the Bianchi, I have a rear rack with bungee cords all ready to strap this box of locks onto.

Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

My keychain just became lighter. Plus, I will have a surplus of keys, so even if I lose one or two keys, I will still be able to free my stable.


At 11:41 AM, Blogger Matt said...

Smart move. With two children and a wife riding, I got some of the Kryptonite combination locks and set them all to the same combination. Not as secure as the U-Locks, perhaps, but we're not parking in downtown Chicago, either. Darn handy not to have to remember a bunch of combinations and which lock is which. When I do go into riskier parking situations, I use a big U-Lock.

At 9:12 AM, Blogger Nathan said...

Perfect, indeed...


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