Monday, June 26, 2006

PRIDE Parade 2006

For the third year in a row I organized a ‘bike float’ in the PRIDE parade for CBF. As usual I waited for the last minute to really do anything. So Saturday afternoon I scrounged around the new CBF office to search for supplies. Stupid.

On Sunday morning Jonathan decided to join the CBF float – which made me very happy. Organizing these things takes a lot of energy and it is nice to have someone to act as second-in-command. Jonathan filled the role well and he kept my spirits raised even though it was raining and soggy outside.

While I was getting ready for the parade, Jonathan looked sadly at the clothes he had with him, because they were boring for the occasion, and eyed my fishnets with interest. I offered him another pair that he accepted with only a wee bit of hesitation. Watching a man try to put on hosiery for the first time is a delightful treat. He was pleased with the fishnets, but still thought his shorts were bland. I encouraged him to try on a skirt and a pair of tiny spandex shorts. He wore the spandex under his shorts but didn’t think he’d have the nuts to wear just them in public. Topping it off was a snug CBF t-shirt. He’s friggin' hot.

On the ride there he was totally digging the looks we got from bystanders – he cut quite a figure: riding a folding bike, wearing fishnets and holding a red umbrella to shield him from the rain. Hilarious.

I bought a 10' piece of conduit at Home Despot to use as the support for the banner. I mentioned that I actually wanted an 8' piece, but they didn’t have any. Jonathan went inside to use the restroom and returned with a pipecutter. Sweetie. He then offered to carry the conduit for the next three blocks to the staging area. This was both 1) helpful and 2) hilarious. I had a heavy box of literature in my basket, making my bike weird to ride, and my messenger bag was chalk-full of heaviness, too. Adding the conduit to my load would have sucked. Jonathan balanced the conduit straight up, resting on his bottom bracket, as we pedaled. It was a pretty phallic sight that did not go unnoticed by people we biked past.

After we were basically ready for the parade and waiting to step off, I started to encourage him to take off his khaki shorts. He blushed and fidgeted, but it was obvious that he wanted to do it. I blatantly told him a few times, "take your pants off," and I could tell that he liked hearing me say this in public. Tehehe. A few more people joined in to peer pressure him and after a bit he dropped trou to the hoots of approval from the gay male bystanders. His blushing was furious at this point.

It took him about three minutes to get comfortable and then he began to ham it up and flaunt his body for everyone to see, to the delight of the crowd. G-damn. He tried teaching me a few lindyhop dance steps and broke a few gay boys’ hearts as they realized that he had a girlfriend. We continued goofing around as he tried to let him dip me.

Brian tried to take a few pictures of us in our fishnets as we giggled for the camera:

For most of the parade Jonathan and I balanced the banner as we rode our bikes. This is NOT the most fun thing to do, because you have to pay attention and often don’t have a free hand to wave. I was a little jealous of Jonathan. Normally I am one of the riders in our group who gets the most attention and compliments from the crowd. This year all eyes were on Jonathan, including mine. It was really fun to watch him alternately vamp it up, and then blush and get shy at the catcalls and raunchy comments he drew. He was friggin’ hot.

Towards the end, Michael and Brian relieved us of our banner-carrying duties and we were free to ride around and work the crowd. Fun, fun, fun. At one point he and I were riding together and he reached out to hold my hand. I felt sort of weird doing that, because I felt it wasn’t all that appropriate during a gay event. Oh well....

At the end of the route there were the customary anti-gay, hell & brimstone protesters. As we passed, Thea lifted her bike above her head and all of her literature fell out. As we were helping her pick it up, a protester with a megaphone started shouting at us, "girls can’t you see that this is a sign from God that your lifestyle is wrong?" I was already sort of bent over towards him, so it didn’t take much effort for me to lift up my skirt and wiggle my ass at him. Thea lifted her top. He made some sort of comment that we should know that it didn’t effect him. Then he told us that he hopes we find boyfriends who beat us. WTF? I don’t know how that makes any sense.

Once the parade was over we learned that Howard’s sound trailer had a flat tire, and he was very stressed about getting it fixed. A couple of boys, including Jonathan, worked to help him. I didn’t have any tools with me so I didn’t really add anything to the situation. Apparently what was really needed was a way to support the trailer to remove the wheel. Several things were tried to prop it up, but none were tall/strong enough. Jonathan solved the problem by using the pipe-cutter to chop up the conduit into pieces that were stuck into the ground to brace up the trailer. Such a smart boy. I was tickled by the image of him working while wearing fishnets:

If you suspect that I spent too much time ogling Jonathan and not enough time bicycle advocating, you are absolutely correct.

I am totally digging him and having a blast.


At 8:05 PM, Blogger George said...

Way cool.

As much as you've been stressing about the job, your crazy neighbors and stuff, it's nice to see you having some fun.


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