Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tuesday Thunderstorms

When I left work around 8:00pm on Tuesday it was drizzling, and I understood why it was darker than I had expected it to be. Literally less than a block from work the drizzle morphed into a downpour and the sky began crackling with lightening and rumbling with thunder. Absolutely delightful.

The rain was slightly cool, but not cold on my warm skin and it felt fantastic. Riding up inclines, I saw the water streaming down in the opposite direction, only to try to race me when we were both headed downhill. I was smiling and giggling and having a blast – most of the people on the street and in their cars looked less than pleased with the weather.

When I got to my neighborhood the weather calmed back down to a light rain, and I extended my ride for a few extra blocks. I was drenched, but felt very refreshed and happy.

The air conditioning in my part of office didn’t work, so we sweltered all day long as the temperature rose. Besides the heat, I also found out that the project that I was given at 4:30pm on Friday, due Tuesday was all messed up. Unknown to me, their was an Amended Complaint filed in the case – but was not in our filing. I had never seen it nor known it existed. The pleadings that I were working off of were simply not correct. So all of the work that I did over the weekend was useless.

So I had to re-do lots of work and deal with my partners who couldn’t comprehend why I was so far behind on this project. I hate that the power dynamic keeps me from yelling, "You Fucked Up! You failed to file the Amended Complaint; You have had these documents in your office for three weeks, but didn’t distribute them to me when you gave me the 'now-emergency' assignment; You gave me old documents to work off of; therefore, it is You who is responsible for me not having this project done! I spent hours of my precious holiday weekend working on this stupid assignment that is now useless because of You!"

Alas, the workplace doesn’t welcome this sort of outraged honesty. So instead I worked through lunch and didn’t leave my sweltering office until 8:00pm to finish the project.

Which is why riding home in the cooling rain was the best damn part of my day.

Today I decided to take advantage of my foul attitude towards work and the sweltering office: braless in a light, gauzy dress that is so thin that my tattoos show through -- not to mention the design on my underpants. This place can kiss my ass. I hope someone dares tell me I look unprofessional.


At 10:51 AM, Blogger QUASAR9 said...

Thunderstorms? I can see thundersbolts & lightning flashes coming from your post. Laters ... Q

At 8:18 PM, Blogger George said...


Way cool.

My wife thinks they are kinda dumb, but I want to get our kids names and birthdays done someday.

Probably be one of those deals where I just go and do it, it's easier to ask for forgiveness then it is for permission:-)


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