Saturday, May 13, 2006

Tick Tock

My trial is on May 17-18. Gulp. Work was crazy-busy this week. Lots of new projects and assignments. I really didn't get to work very much for the trial, actually.

Wednesday was a fun day, though. I had to appear in the criminal court at 26th/California. The Julep was undergoing maintenance, so I've been riding the Breeze for the last two weeks. I pedalled down to the court pretty quickly and made my first appearance in a criminal court. It is a whole other world than the civil court system. Then I scooted back downtown on the Breeze. It was nice to get 11-12 miles of riding in before setting foot in my office. Especially since the Breeze requires a lot more effort than my road bikes do.

Later that day I had to sneak out of work early for a photo shoot for a magazine article on bike commuting. The Breeze and me in my business suit had to stand for many pictures. After the weekend of family photos, I was more than tired of smiling for cameras. Still, it will be fun to see how they turn out. The best part was that since I was home by 8:00, I went out with John for a few drinks. I've been a social recluse to prepare for this trial. I don't like declining invitations because of work.

Friday was my birthday, but I kept it on the DownLow. Since I am being a recluse, I'm going to wait to celebrate my birthday until after this stupid trial ends. [there might be a bike camping tour as part of it]. The HUB co-op had a party that I went to and had a nice time with bikey friends.

It is now Saturday and I am at work. My co-worker for the upcoming trial didn't show up, so I guess I'll have to be here tomorrow, too.

I had my first bad dream about this trial last night. A group of us were settling into a classroom-type setting and I realized that I hadn't prepared an opening statement (true in real life, too!). I tried to create an outline while the teacher/judge called us to order and I woke up as I was fervently hoping that I wasn't the first person who had to speak. So today I am working on my opening statement. I absolutely do not want to do this trial and I can't wait for it to end. I'm sick of being stressed and putting my life on hold.


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