Tuesday, May 30, 2006

CCM, Boats, Yoga, BBQ, Bike the Drive, Pen Pals

What an amazing weekend.


Critical Mass on Friday was awesome: very mellow, a great route, great weather and no hit & runs or police intervention (at least that I know of). I rode the Breeze and had an all-around fantastic time.

Jonathan and I then pedaled farther South to Hyde Park to go swing dancing. It is amazing how much I suck at everything that requires coordination. The scene was surreal. The dance was held in the old ballroom of a dorm at the U of C. A guy kept dancing past us holding his arms out as if he was dancing with a woman, instead of just emptiness. There were mirrors along lots of the walls, and he constantly watched himself dancing with air. This felt like a dream sequence in some movie that doesn't make any sense.

Everytime Jonathan and I were more than arm's length away from each other some socially awkward U of C undergrad would pounce in and ask me to dance -- including the dude who was dancing with himself. Jonathan was cracking up everytime we made eye contact during this dance with the weirdo. The dude didn't notice at all, because he was too busy studying himself in the mirror Dancing With A Real, Live Woman!!! Hilariously Freaky.

My inability to dance, along with all of the awkward dance partners I had completely destroyed my dignity. It was so nice to get back on my bike and not suck. We grabbed a bottle of wine and had dinner at Medici. It was a beautiful night, so Jonathan offered to accompany me for a while as I rode home. Sweet. The air was calm and a perfect temperature -- a little cool to keep from sweating, but not actually cold. I love riding on the path late at night on the stretch between Hyde Park and Downtown.

We ended up sleeping on the sailboat. He quipped that it sounds so much nicer than the reality of the situation -- which involved sleeping in a somewhat cramped cubby, and cuddling for warmth under a sail cover. This was my first real weekend of summer, and I considered this a great start.


I had to get up early to meet friends at the farmers' market at 7:30am. There were already a lot of people jogging, walking and biking for exercise along the lake. The market was fun, as always. Shortly after going home I had to go to a private yoga class that Mia arranged for her friends. It was really good and sucked all my energy away. I felt in a daze afterwards. I also learned that biking has tightened up my hamstrings too much. Never flexible muscles for me, now they do not want to stretch out At All. Time to stretch more.

After Yoga, Mia had a BBQ. Very, very fun. That girl is super cool.

Chris came over so we could prep food for our BBQ the next day. I was exhausted and wiped out by the time I finally crawled into bed.


I got up early because of Bike the Drive. Before Mia came to meet me, I watered and weeded some of my garden. When Mia arrived, I got on the Breeze and we rode down to start the ride. Mia doesn't ride as much as I do, so her on a road bike and me on the Breeze was pretty compatible.

It was Hot outside. Far too hot for May. Heat records were broke in Chicago this weekend.

We headed South from Downtown towards Hyde Park. So many bikes. Bike the Drive sold out this year -- 20,000 tickets were sold! Fantastic! Bikes of all types -- families with trailers, people on cruisers and roadies everywhere. Originally I planned to take the Julep out and try to whip through the full course twice. But then when Mia signed up, I decided to just ride for fun instead of speed. I was envious of the roadies when a paceline would fly past, but overall, decision was correct. Mia and I had a blast -- we talked shamelessly about boys and sex for nearly the whole ride.

After finishing the 30 mile ride, we biked back to my place and started to prepare for the BBQ. Damn was it hot outside -- the sun was blazing like crazy.

Anjanette and her husband came! They are super cool and engaging. In a very short time, they were both comfortably chatting with the group. Awesome. Power to the Bike Basket Pen Pals!!

Paul also came and we had some good conversation. Such a nice boy. He brought me pepper and tomato plants for my garden.

I crashed pretty early after the long day.


I cleaned my room. It sounds like a lame way to spend a holiday, but it had to be done. I have never completely unpacked since moving in, so this was quite a feat. It took many, many hours of cleaning. But now, my room is completely clean and I think I am totally unpacked, too. Yippee! It is so nice to have a room that is orderly and respectable.

Now I can dive right into summer!


At 10:53 AM, Blogger QUASAR9 said...

Keep on driving, this summer could get real good. Laters ... Q

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Nathan said...

Check it out: Yoga for cyclists.


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