Wednesday, April 12, 2006


After an unseasonable cold Saturday, we are luxuriating in full-fledged Springtime. Woo Hoo! Instead of wearing my staple knee-high black boots at work, I'm busting out the strappy shoes and not only my ankles, but my toes, too are exposed to the warm air.

Another sign of Spring occurred last night on my way home because people are driving with their windows down, and are finally free to express all of the crude comments they've been unable to share in their climate-controlled cages.

I was making a left-hand turn from Milwaukee to westbound Grand avenue at a six-way intersection when a car full of guys began the following dialogue:

"Great Ass!"
**Fuck off Assholes!
"Fucking Bitch!"
**(uncontrollable laughter)

Our exchange took about four seconds, and contained five curse words. I wonder what the pedestrians and people waiting for the bus thought of this profane outburst. Prior to and immediately following this explosion of cursing I revelled in the glorious weather. Somehow the whole situation was just perfect.

On Monday night at the Hbar, I chatted up a table full of bike messengers. It's cool that the races introduced me to this community. Unfortunately, most of these guys were smoking, so the idea of flirting with them was basically nixed.

However, I did get to watch the most hilarious change come over them. After hearing their stories of brakeless exploits and not having health insurance (with a suspicious lack of helmets in sight) they turned into cautious mother hens when the Julep's gearing was mentioned. [I was asked if she was brakeless, and I said that her gearing is too high for skid stops] Suddenly these daredevils started scolding me about the danger of riding around with 'track gearing' on my bike because it would destroy my knees. The whole thing was simply too funny: messengers scolding me about safety!

Anyway, good times.


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