Thursday, April 27, 2006

Noisy White Trash

One way to fight gentrification. On Damen Ave.

In other news, the cayenne pepper has greatly reduced the amount of dogshit in my garden. I have seen only two piles of poop since I applied it. We've had some monster rains, so I think it all got washed away...hence the new poop.

My sunflower seeds sprouted on Monday, and I am thrilled to see them grow each day.

The snap peas are reaching out for things to trellis to, so I gave them some sticks leading to the chain link fence that I hope they take over.

I think all seeds/plants have been planted in my herb garden, but I still have to wait for a few more to sprout (basil, cumin & more chives). I'm not really patient and I want to see the plants big and healthy Now! No matter how many times I go to look at them, they will just keep growing at their own pace, though.


This morning, when I approached the Kinzie/Clinton 4-way stop intersection just east of Blommers. The intersection can be really weird at times -- there is an overpass above and diagonal tracks crossing your path and many drivers who have their heads firmly up their asses. Besides this combo, it is also at the bottom of the hill.

A woman approaching from the right completely blew the stop sign and forced me to stop my bike or ram into her car as she turned right into my path. Of course, there was plenty of time for me to talk with her as she waited in a long line of cars at the next stop light.

I yelled that she needs to pay attention and obey the signs. With one of those earpiece/cellphone/cyborg thingies welded to her ear she explained the problem, "I didn't see it." I questioned whether she didn't see the stop sign or me. She repeated that she "didn't see it, don't worry about it."

Excuse me, but when you are accused of not paying attention, answering that you didn't see something doesn't help your case. However, her lack of seeing it certainly wasn't the issue. This particular intersection begs for you to pay attention. The street she approached from doesn't continue, but terminates, forcing the driver to turn right or left. The posts supporting the overpass should be a natural traffic calming devise. Even if you aren't familiar with the intersection to know that there is a stopsign, the intersection itself should give you pause. I doubt this is the case, though. My guess is that this particular part of downtown is almost exclusively travelled by commuters, and not tourists (on this side of town at least).

My hunch is that she was just lying. A more honest answer would have been either, "I blow through that stop sign all the time, and didn't see you" OR "I blow through that stop sign all of the time and saw you, but I just don't fucking care." Bitch.

By the way, who are all of these people talking with anyway? When I meet friends at 7:30 before work, there are tons of drivers babbling away on cell phones. Who are they talking with? Are they all talking to each other? What sort of drowsy lame conversations are they having at 7:30am -- "I'm driving to work --me too; I hate work -- me too; there's a lot of traffic -- here too....yeah....umm....bye. I'll call you on the drive home."

After meeting friends the other day I saw a man be completely obnoxious. He arrived at his car, parked under the "NO PARKING EVER" sign, removed the ticket from windshield and violently threw it on the ground to become litter. He then cranked a u-turn to head the opposite direction on Wells St, cutting off several cars in the process. His plates were from Arizona.

Gotta love 'em. I hope all of these assholes have fun at the pump.


At 3:20 AM, Anonymous hamgray said...

Snap! We've just planted some sunflowers in our new garden. I'm obsessively watering them so that they beat the slimy snail problems... Will attempt to post pictures on the web when I've got a minute!

At 6:38 AM, Blogger George said...

I see people talking on cells all the time where I work and I wonder the same thing.....who the hell are they talking to????

Do I have a cell phone?

Sure, but I don't walk, drive or ride when I use it. I hate talking on the phone anyways.

We don't have a garden but our back yard is all trees, I love it-I only have to mow it about 4 times a summer.

At 8:32 PM, Blogger Viragosilverado said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 8:34 PM, Blogger Viragosilverado said...

OK, Neighbors are tough, and when they have no respect for their own environment , well, there’s not much you can do. I had to link your picture, which I hope is okay, I don’t want to break any blog rules. This way I can post a picture of the slum across the street from me.

Its just like any other relationship, the other partner may not be as committed or caring or as respectful, and irks us that we would never do crappy things when other people do.

At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Kiecker said...

That was my next door neighbor when I use to live there.


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