Friday, April 14, 2006

A new addition

I went to Working Bikes last night and along with a ton of help from my friend Steve, picked out and repaired what will be the next addition to my stable. She needs a little bit more work and cleaning, but I will bring her home this weekend to meet the crew. Pictures forthcoming.

This weekend will be fantastically busy. For the cookbook Chris and I are hosting a Secular Easter Dinner for 20 people on Saturday and taking pictures of families in front of Churches on Easter. Sometime in the midst I will also bring the new bike home, finish my taxes, work in my garden and finally tackle the swelling mound of laundry that is growing on my bedroom floor. Yikes!

This morning's commute was a delight! Just like my snap peas, bicyclists sprouted up all over the place overnight. Since it is Good Friday, the roads were noticeably lacking in cars. One normally busy intersection had six bicyclists heading south and not a single car. Woo-hoo!

Lots of these riders are lacking in street smarts, though and I worry for their safety.

One guy, painted in spandex and on a shiny, road bike with aero bars was swerving all over the place as he poked along trying to clip in. Thin white cords snaked from his ears into the rear pocket of his jersey. Even though his body was as hard and lean as his fancy bike, he couldn't keep up when I passed him, and I heard him breathing way too hard when he caught up with me at red lights. I am perplexed at how he looks so in shape, but breathes hard to try to keep up. Very weird. To his immense credit, he didn't try to cut ahead of me at the lights and let me pass without being a jerk.

Still all of the headphones I saw today, combined with the corresponding lack of helmets disturbs me. I love more people biking to work, but I wish they were smarter about it.

Have a good weekend.

Brothers: call the Grandparents on Easter -- you know it will make their day.


At 6:46 AM, Blogger George said...

You don't have your taxed done yet? Yikes! My wife and I try not to get much money back each year but this year we managed to get about 2 grand.

What kind of bike did you get?


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