Monday, April 17, 2006

Life's a Breeze

Here she is. From the top:

Have no fear, a basket and streamers will soon be installed.

Gotta love Chicago's most famous bike company.

And it's old-school seat.

Damn Straight.

Life's a breeze without worrying about clothing getting caught or dirtied by the chain. (I totally have to tighten that thing up, though.

Full crome fenders to keep the road dirt/water off of me.
Notice the coaster brake and kick stand!

In her full, old-school glory.

Besides the basket & streamers, she also needs a bell and skirt guard. Before I add fun accessories, though, I have to repack the rear hub and do some more cleaning.

For over a year I have been admiring my friend Liz's super-cute red bike. I saw it again this weekend and realized that they are exactly the same, exept for the color. We can't wait to ride them together -- Chris says that the only way it could be cuter is if we had puppies and kittens sniffing flowers in the baskets.

I rode her into work on Monday -- it feels completely different than being on a road bike. I look around and notice more of my surroundings. Plus the traffic feels less dangerous at slow speeds, especially the risk of getting doored. I feel very prim and proper sitting upright and dorking along with a huge smile on my face.

Today I was back on the Julep -- damn what a difference. Her speed and power is awesome and I love how quickly we can swerve around obstacles and the blocks just slip past us. At the same time, I now feel the flip side of riding fast; besides just being a fun workout, it also will make any crash more serious for me. Getting doored at Julep speed will be a serious crash, whereas on the Breeze I might not even hit the ground.

I am bringing them both to West Town bikes tonight for some serious maintenance and cleaning.


At 6:26 AM, Blogger George said...

Seriously cool bike.

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