Monday, April 10, 2006

Gumballhead, Gardening

The weekend went pretty well.

I spent Saturday morning working at the Hbar and then the afternoon/evening there for the Gumballhead release party. The place was packed. Too bad it was damn near freezing outside.

It was another opportunity to talk with Paul, too. At one point we separated from the main group to grab a table and talk. Too many times I noticed our mutual friends peeking over at us with interest. Grrrrr...... I don’t like feeling under a microscope and also knowing that people will talk about us later. It was very nice to speak with him though, and the awkwardness seems to be dissipating. Yeah!

Around 10:00pm, I met up with some other friends at a bar in yuppie-saturated Lincoln Park. After that, Chris and I went back to his place for some drunken cookbook planning. I can’t wait until it finally gets warm – I was actually considering sleeping on Chris’s couch instead of biking the single mile home in the cold. That would be retarded though, so I braved the cold and slept in my own bed. I can deal with the cold when it is seasonally appropriate, but now that I have decided it should be warm and spring-like, I lost all cold tolerance.

On Sunday morning I was interviewed for an article on bike commuting. The magazine will probably contact me in the next week or two for pictures of me biking in a business suit. This means that the Julep needs to get some major TLC – she is filthy and her streamers are in tatters. I wish I could just put her in the dishwasher or washing machine to blast all the accumulated crud off of her.

Sunday afternoon I worked on some garden stuff and planted snap peas, zuccinni and butternut squashes. The squash I planted in the yard, so I don’t know how that will work. A lot of my planting is just experimenting – cool if it works, but no big deal if it fails.

Then I met up with Chris and Jill for coffee/lunch. Jill and Chris crashed their bikes earlier in the day and Jill sprained her wrist, poor girl. It was her first time biking since October, too.

After lunch, Chris and I went to my apartment to experiment with a grapefruit flavored cake, topped with kiwi slices. It was pretty good, but I want it to have more grapefruit flavor and will add some beet juice for a pinker color the next time I make it. I want this to look like a ‘reverse watermelon’ cake with pink edging encircling the seed-studded kiwi slices. The flavors were really bright – sweet and tart together. Yum.

Then Payton came over to try on some of my long formal dresses for a skit/demonstration that he will be in soon. Chris and Payton stayed until about 10:30pm. I hate that my weekends end so quickly and my time at work drags so painfully. At least this weekend was productive. Also, John is gone until Tuesday night, so I am taking the opportunity to be as much of a slob as possible.

As expected, now that I am single again, there were of course no boys this weekend for me to flirt with. None. Where the hell did all of the cute, interesting biking boys go? When they were off limits they seemed to be everywhere, and now the city is suffering a serious drought.


At 7:01 AM, Blogger George said...

Well, if I was fifteen years younger and not happily married.......heck, I'd flirt with you:-)

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Tincéir said...

I've never done it, but some people take their bikes into a manual car-wash and use the high pressure spray to clean it up. I assume you'd want to be cautious of spraying high pressure water anywhere there are seals... the hubs, bb, headset. If you do it lemme know how well it works, eh? ;)


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