Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Tour – Stage Five.

This race series was really quite disappointing, to be honest. I really wanted just one clean race – where I feel good and don’t get lost. I have fucked up every recent race by getting lost, and/or was in no condition to be competitive because of yoga or the Frozen Snot.

Particularly annoying is that Clare beats me. She knows how to do alleycats much better than I do – she hops curbs and runs red lights without hesitation. It is petty and bitchy, but without these variables, I have no doubt that I am a stronger rider than her. When we ride together in a smaller group this seems clear, but she out-maneuvers me in the races. Grrrrrr...

If I do the races next year I am going to be much more aggressive. Instead of comfortably hanging in the middle of the middle pack, I am going to try my damndest to stick with the lead group. I think I have a chance of actually following their draft – BUT – if I get dropped, I can still fall in with the middle.

I’ve learned what doesn’t work is for me to coward around at the back of the middling pack and wait to make a move towards the front when things get less crazy and more thinned out. That has proved to leave me open to betrayal from my own cowardice. One curb, one sketchy red light – and the pack slips away. Without a pack to negotiate intersections for me – I fucking suck, and then I make it worse by getting lost. Plus – no yoga or long rides the day before. Tired legs just can’t be competitive.

Honestly, I just want one clean race because I’m curious to see where I’d place in the group. I might still suck, but I’d like to learn that without any interference.

Stage Six is the dreaded Stairmaster. This will combine everything that scares me about the races in a single tight package – plus there are over a 1,000 stairs to lug my bike up and down. I really don’t want to do this, but apparently it is "an experience to remember."


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