Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Suck

I've been busy. Posts that I wrote last week about the Frozen Snot and Stage Five are below.

So...Phil is gone. The office actually feels less crazy than before -- I hope it lasts. I have another really cool case that I actually am interested in. Plus, I will get appointed Special Attorney General in order to work on it. So add that to the Special State's Attorney and my work with the Office of the Special Prosecutor, and I am one damn special attorney. Now, if only I can get into the Special Olympics......

The most important development however is that I Fucked Up my Achilles Tendon. Pain, swelling...really great. Plus, this occurred just before a visit out to CA with Frick. I got to limp through the airport and we had to scratch our plans for hiking, snow-shoeing and drastically reduced the biking. Really Great Timing.

This did however make up my mind about the Stairmaster. Nope. No way. No How. I plan to baby this tendon so it heals ASAP. A bike race with 1600 stairs doesn't fall into the 'babying and healing' catagory. So, instead I am volunteering for the race. Bribes will be accepted for me to stamp your manifest first......offers to do my laundry will be given the highest priority (do my ironing, and i will trip people or jab sticks through their spokes). just kidding.....maybe?

Anyway....crazy busy.


At 5:22 PM, Anonymous Kiril, The Cycling Dude said...

Repeat after me:




Anyone who can "take weird pleasure in the looks I get while biking around in my business suits to meet clients" does not suck in my book.

Get well soon! ;-D


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