Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Next Stop: The Looney Bin

My boss is getting progressively crazier – and in his ADD duck, duck, goose mind set, has chosen me to be his travel companion on this journey. Based on the amount of projects that he has picked me to work closely with him, I’ve got a tenured position as favorite employee. Normally this would be a sweet spot to hold in the workplace, high-level craziness really diminishes the benefits.

Besides having to deal with his craziness, I am increasingly becoming concerned that it might be contagious. While I often have a low tolerance for stupid, annoying or ridiculous people and situations....I currently feel like I am desperately hanging onto the end of my patience.
Work is one of the first things I think of when I wake up – and I immediately get angry. Anger is my visceral reaction to any thought of work. I can actually feel my blood heat as I contemplate the day ahead of me. I can’t think of work without reviewing the thoughts of my boss’s latest escapades or trying to foresee what still lies ahead of me.

At work there are times that I am overcome with desire to just start screaming.....sometimes I imagine just pumping out shrill, piercing screams, while other times I imagine letting loose with a scathing, ranting monologue to and about my crazy boss. Like Flanders, I definitely am enticed by the, "kicking and screaming, please" option.

There are times when I feel that my anger and anxiety are proof of my sanity – for what sane person could tolerate living in an irrational world without a negative reaction? Yet at other times I objectively note that I mutter to myself and entertain violent fantasies far more often than a healthy mind would indicate.

Oh yeah, to add to the fun of my job – our building, which has always sucked ass, sucks even more today. Why....well first off all, some pipes burst over the weekend, resulting in flooding of parts of the building. We therefore have ONE working elevator for 22 floors, the water supply has been shut down, and the office is freezing. The building has recently been sold to a developer who is going to gut-rehab the place in a year. Every penny he spends on services and upkeep is wasted money. So this super-crappy building is getting crappier and crappier by the day. Joy.

The second-in-command boss has been increasingly stressed out by the craziness level and I suspect he is leaving the firm. Yesterday he came in late, wearing jeans and had a talk about ‘personal issues’ with the main, crazy boss. Afterwards we received a message that we are having an ‘all-staff’ meeting this afternoon. Has the eagerly awaited, anticipated and expected implosion arrived? Will I soon be able to suck off of the unemployment insurance teat as the warmth of Spring arrives?

Cross your fingers. Or am I insane for wishing for this?


At 6:32 AM, Blogger George said...

With your luck, you're gonna be made a full senior partner:-)

At 6:53 AM, Blogger Viragosilverado said...

Sorry about your loony boss.. Like I alwasys say.. if everything is urgent, then nothing is.

The reason for my comment, the nytimes had a critical mass story today from New York, here's the link.

At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Randy said...

Get some updates on this, sweet thang, I only live through you.


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