Monday, February 27, 2006

Abstract (possibly more later)

Phil quit. I’m scared of how crazy work will become.

Frozen Snot 2006 happened this weekend. Paul and I arrived in Milwaukee around 3:30pm. Tailwinds galore. Totally different than last year. The only bad part of it was my saddle. I haven’t ridden the Bianchi since about October or November...somehow the most comfortable saddle metamorphized into a torture device. Not to be too gross, but my genitals were pained, swollen and red upon arrival in Milwaukee. If anyone else but me had done this, they could have been charged with criminal sexual abuse or sexual torture. On the way back to Chicago I stood up out of the saddle to avoid the worst of the jarring bumps, and fared much better.

The Julep’s seat felt like a dream to ride in comparison – although she kicked me several times for leaving her at home.

The next morning we did Stage Five of the Tour. My legs didn’t have it in them to stay with the pack. At the end, John G. lead our tiny group unneccesarily into the Underworld. Fuckin’ Scary. Once again, getting lost is not good in a race.

I had planned on NOT doing the final Tour, the Stair master, because it sounds like a huge, horrible clusterfuck of all the things I don’t enjoy about the races. Everyone else is strongly pressuring me to do this ride. Inge suggested we do it together in completely ridiculous 1980's party dresses, so now I’m considering it.

Visiting Frick in California this Friday.



At 8:24 PM, Blogger Gilby said...

What kind of saddles do you have on the Julep and the Bianchi?

At 11:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kind of reminds me of the difference between the Terry "Mens Ti-Liberator" on my Miyata, and the Brooks B-17 on my Thorn. Leather and lace, as it were.



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