Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stage 2; Inge rocks LSD

As mentioned earlier, I messed up the second stage of the Tour. There are several factors that played into this, but for the most part it was because I wasn’t ‘on’ and I wasn’t excited about the race. After the second checkpoint, I just wanted to take a shower and wash my hair. Quite the competitive spirit.

I do have a question for women who race involving birth control. I’m on generic Ortho Tricyclene, in my third phase of the pill cycle. I wonder if this has anything to do with the race. Twice in the previous week, I rode fast and hard, both with a group and by myself and it felt great. On Sunday, my body just didn’t have the strength/energy to push the pedals as fast as I know I can. Instead, I was panting, which I rarely do, even though I wasn’t going very fast. Have other women noticed any similar correlation between their riding and their birth control cycles?

Anyway, the most important, amazing part of the Tour was Inge’s (Ing a) performance. I met her the week before on the brewery ride. She is new to the bike community and seems to be a sweet, quiet art school girl. I noticed her sitting alone before the race and learned that she didn’t know anyone else at the race. awwwwww......of course I introduced her to some friends. She rode an old Schwinn road bike of probably about the same vintage as the Julep.

At the end of the race people were discussing the different routes they took and how they stacked up against each other. Inge quietly mentioned that she took Lake Shore Drive. LSD is a bike-prohibited, on/off-ramp HIGHWAY. We thought she meant the Lake Shore Bike Path, but NO. This quiet, small young woman rode on the fucking highway during the alleycat!!!!!!!! As far as we know, no one else, including the super-macho, aggressive messenger boys dared this feat.

Inge calmly explained that after looking on the map she realized that LSD was the most direct route and heard someone else talking about it (probably joking). So on the way down to Hyde Park she rode the highway for a while before feeling bad and deciding that she ‘didn’t belong there’ and exited. Then while waiting for the start of the third checkpoint, she again was considering routes and decided to take LSD back – which she did.

That rocks so much I am beside myself with admiration. Hell, I think I have a crush on this girl – the messenger boys must be completely in love with her.


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