Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Moving On Up

In two ways. First, another attorney quit our firm, so I got to transfer to a bigger, better office. This one is in a completely different section from the crazy boss, so I can now hide somewhat from his Eye of Mordor. Most importantly, though, is this office doesn’t have a sink/supply closet connected to it. Previously people passed through my office to wash out their coffee cups and dishes, the extra water cooler jugs are stored there along with other random things. At times there was a parade of people disturbing me (and my goofing off). So my new office is an improvement.

Moving showed how much I use my office as a closet/bathroom. Here is what I found:

Tights/nylons = six pair
Shoes = seven pair
Skirts = five
Suits = three
Pants = one
Shorts = one
Yoga pants = one
Socks = one pair
Bra = one
Sweaters = three
Shirts = four
Swimsuit = one
Winter Scarves = two
Rain jacket = one

Then there is my whole toiletries drawer including: face soap, deodorant, hairbrush, curlers, jewelry, toothpaste/brush, tampons, toenail clippers, fingernail clippers, nail file, tweezers, hair pins, vitamins and lotion.

My boss instructed two of the male support staff to help me, "jojo you shouldn’t have to do that alone! AJ, Owen what’s wrong with you? Help her out!" Grrrr.....this is after Ted moved by himself. It is somewhat of a running joke between AJ and me about how the boss is protective of me. AJ shakes his head and mutters that of all the young attorneys at the firm, I’m the toughest one, even though I’m the only girl.

Anyway, these guys were incredulous over the amount of clothes and shoes that were everywhere. They were amused & embarrassed at my tight and tampon collection. "Girl, this here is a desk – Not a dresser, not a bathroom. What you need all this stuff for?" Comparisons to Imelda Marcos were inevitable.

My next move up was at West Town Bikes. I had bought a used seat post for the Julep, because her current one was too short and I (unsafely) have been riding around with only about .5" of post in the frame, with the seat still a little too low. The longer post I bought wasn’t perfect, though because the fastener was fused to the nut. Alex ended up using a bremel tool to cut the fastener off and I installed the new seat post. Now I can crank the seat up to the proper height and not have it be dangerous. It feels great to have proper leg extension.

West Town was full of messengers working on their bikes. One of them saw the Julep and exclaimed, "hey I drafted off of you in the Tour – I remember riding behind those streamers!" That was pretty cool, because it seems that the races are a good place to meet messengers. Maybe someday one who I know will come into my office and we’ll recognize each other.

I’ve been doing a bit of work gradually on the Julep, and right now I think she is as perfect as I’ve known her. There are a few minor, mostly cosmetic things I should do, but functionally, I’ve done all of the parts replacement and maintenance that I had planned to do. She was resurrected in April or May, and only now is she complete. To top it off, I pumped her 60psi tires back up to 120psi, because I haven't re-filled them since before Thanksgiving. I even poked around on the tires and dug out three pieces of glass and two stones that had becom embedded. Yippee -- the Julep is now even more Hot to Trot.

Moving on up is fun!


At 7:41 PM, Blogger Frick said...

So let me get this straight, all last fall you rode a fixy that is 1)geared unreasonably and puruposely to high, and 2)with your seat post to low, and you were confused when you had knee problems????

That is so, so, um

At 6:56 AM, Blogger George said...

Ya gotta post a pic of your bike.

Sreamers rock:-)


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