Thursday, December 08, 2005


It’s friggin’ cold outside and I’m sans underpants. Actually, I don’t have firsthand knowledge about the coldness because I haven’t been outside in over 24 hours because I slept in my office last night.

I worked late and planned on getting up early, but knew full well that getting up early for work rarely gets farther than being a good plan in theory. Serendipitously, I also received a shipment of merino wool clothes for Amsterdam from Sierra: shirt, long johns, socks, mittens and even slippers. I was cozy as I worked in yoga pants, slippers and a sweater. Then I laid down to sleep on the floor of my office, but didn’t sleep as well as I expected.

This morning I woke up and took the elevator to the gym to shower and put on my new wool socks, wool shirt, pants left at the office.....but didn’t have any clean underpants. There is something that feels physically gross about being stationary in my office for such a long period of time, and knowing that it would be many hours before I left again, so I was feeling sort of disgusting even after I showered.

Commando seemed to be the best of my two options (or I could have left the building and bought new underpants less than a block away). My pants are old and far too big and it feels really weird being at work like this. I also have been reining in my impulse to share this news with co-workers.

Anyway, I met my goal of finishing and submitting a shitty rough draft of each of the following documents:
Motion to Dismiss
Memorandum in support of motion
D’s 1st set of Interrogatories
D’s 1st request to produce
Appellate brief to ARDC.

So I’m out of here – apparently about three inches of snow has fallen in as many hours, so I get to bike home in some pretty interesting weather. I’m sure the snow and cold will be far more pleasant than the shitstorm I will face tomorrow after the partners review my projects. Oh well – my plane leaves for Amsterdam at 8:00PM on Monday – let them bitch until then.


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