Sunday, December 04, 2005

and I want it painted Celeste

Went to the bike shop today and noticed that there were gads of Celeste Green water cages. Funny. I looked around a bit and noticed many other Celeste Green offerings:
  • Tires
  • Bar Tape
  • Clothes
  • Seats
  • Water Bottles
  • Clipless pedals

Seriously, is all of this necessary (especially the clipless pedals)? It just seems a bit much to me. Maybe I'm wrong, but it strikes me as a desperate attempt to advertise that you are riding a Bianchi. The Celeste pedals would be wasted on me anyways, because in short order they would undoubtedly be sporting 'street grime grey' as a topcoat.

A man wheeled a bike into the shop for repair, accompanied by his large, unleashed dog (actually the dog had a leash attached to his collar, but it dragged behind him impotently). It was a big, muscular brown dog. The dog trotted over to every customer to sniff them while its owner paid no attention to the dog. I don't like strange dogs; I don't like unleashed strange dogs; I don't like dog owners who bring their dogs everywhere, and; I especially don't like dog owners who bring their unleashed dogs to inappropriate places and let them run amuk.

I heard a racket when the dog tipped over a row of bicycles that fell like dominos. The owner was trying to hold his bike steady, while at the same time keeping the bikes from completely tipping over. I jumped in to help and stood each bike upright. The owner seemed completely unphased that his stupid dog just knocked over several thousand dollars of inventory. Grrr.

Later I overheard the dog owner explaining what was wrong with his mountain bike -- a flat rear tire. He also wanted air pumped into the front tire. Dear Lord. The dog owner left and agreed to pick his bike up in a little while.

The seat on my Bianchi has been sliding backwards no matter how hard I tighten the bolt. I discovered that a tiny metal plate in the seatpost was twisted sideways and its 'grip line' grooves were mashed out of shape and at an angle. I thought that this was the problem, since its grooves no longer could line up with the grooves on the seatpost to completely secure the seat stays. The mechanic looked at a few other Bianchi seats and quickly determined that the seatpost was assembled incorrectly, and the plate was in the wrong place. D'oh. This backwards-sliding-seat has been giving me grief since I bought the bike -- all because it was assembled wrong. I hope this completely fixes the problem.

As we were leaving, the dog owner returned to pick up his bike. He brought his dog again, with its leash trailing behind them on the ground.


At 3:02 AM, Blogger Jill said...

I'm annoyed just reading this post. That will always be my greatest pet peeve (no pun intended.) There should be a law against loose dogs. Oh wait. There is.

At 6:55 AM, Blogger George said...

I have mixed feelings.

My LBS owner has *THE* coolest dog and it runs around the shop unleashed.

But I do hate it when I am around strange unleashed dogs. Especially when I'm out riding on the trails.

Someone actually brought a bike in to get a flat fixed?

Damn, how lazy can you get?

At 7:43 AM, Blogger Viragosilverado said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it an american classic post? I have a bianchi too (which has nothing to do with the matter, except that they are cool) and my american classic post didnt tighten on the seat ofr hte same reason.


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