Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What a Morning

Luckily I showered last night before going to bed because I knew I had to get to work early this morning. I had the strong urge to try another bottle of the hard cider that Paul and I brewed – so I granted myself the luxury of drinking booze in the shower. Truly this is one of the small delights of life – especially after virtuously doing my laundry and cleaning my bike chain earlier in the evening. My hair was clean, I was warm, wrapped in my cozy robe and slightly buzzed as I wandered into bed.

It was crazy windy on the way to work. The wind was often at my back, but there were weird wind tunnels and intersections where a cross wind swept in to try to tip my bike over. Fun stuff.

The wind-circle intersections are truly crazy to ride through – you have to lean strongly against the wind in one direction, only to ride immediately into another stretch where the wind changed and now you find yourself leaning with the wind and having to quickly lean the other direction or else wipe out. Chicago’s wind tunnels/circles are something I have never experienced this strongly before in other cities. There are many times when an incredibly strong blast of wind ambushes riders after picking up speed in the alley or sidestreet networks. Damn near knocks me on my ass – and suddenly I find myself two feet from the path I remember. Plus there are the roaming gangs of newspapers and plastic bags waiting to get caught in my chain or spokes. Fixies Beware!!

I may have broken a bone in my hand. On the Wells St. Bridge, there was a cab blocking the bike lane. Bikes petitioned the city for coverings over the open grate bridges and Wells St has the proto-type. Cars often drive with their two right wheels just on this covering because apparently they like the extra stability, too. Fine. However, this cab was completely in the lane and not leaving enough room for my bike to fit by. This is completely rude, totally unnecessary and indicative of a jackass cab driver. I pounded my fist unto the trunk of his car, causing him and the passenger to startle and look back at me as I yelled, "get out of the bike lane." I wiggled around them and raced the remaining two blocks to work and realized that my hand really hurt. It still hurts and feels funny. My pinky finger is thankfully completely bendable and mobile – but it protests when I move it and there is a puffy, pinkness to the side of my hand. Yes, I’m a dumbass.

Anyway, I had to get to work early this morning to interview Mr. Serial Rapist. My boss left halfway through the interview, so I got to finish it myself. When he returned to the office he quipped to another attorney that he left me alone with a serial rapist. Boss Humor.

I got a referral from CBF for a biker looking for an attorney to represent him after he was hit by a car. Bringing in more clients certainly isn’t a bad thing. delivered me a 12-quart All-Clad stockpot/steamer/pasta pot and three silicone baking sheets/pans. Life is good.

Best of all – I got to bundle up the file of my most-hated client. Our motion to withdraw from representing this cuntrag was recently granted. She was the biggest pain in my ass of all of my files and I am ecstatic that we dropped her.


At 7:58 AM, Blogger George said...

Next time ya wanna scare the shit out of a some jack ass 4 wheeler

.....use this.


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