Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Gilby lended me Spencer to ride on my trip. He is an orange fixed gear Bianchi Brava with a beautiful Brooks saddle. Thank you so much for letting me borrow your baby!

Now about that saddle – it is completely not meant for my tender flesh. I rode probably between only 20-25 miles on that bike – and felt every mile. My crotch was still sore and slightly raw on Monday from riding on Saturday. This experience makes me wonder whether it is Gilby or me who is defective. It seems crazy that we could both have anatomy within the ‘normal’ spectrum, but this saddle is perfect for one of us and so wrong for the other.

I’m not sure whether this was good or bad luck, but I think the alcohol in my blood prevented me from feeling the damage this saddle caused me on the trip back from the bars.

Saddle aside – Spencer is a very nice bike. He rides smoothly and made me miss the Julep. He is geared lower than the Julep and didn’t hurt my knee at all (or the discomfort in my crotch/sitbones camouflaged any knee pain). I think I’ll try taking the Julep for a spin sometime this week.

Thanks again for the bike!


At 3:34 PM, Blogger Gilby said...

You are quite welcome for use of the bike. Sorry the saddle was so uncomfy! I do have the nose higher than most ppl's, but it works for me. In other words, I think I'm the defective one :c)


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