Monday, November 28, 2005

Results: Class Reunion Scavenger Hunt

  • Lives with parents
  • Never left ________, WI (same as lives w/ parents)
  • Received PhD
  • Lived abroad for more than a semester
  • DUI
  • Spent time in prison (OK, not present because in prison at time)
  • Born Again
  • Same hairstyle as high school
  • Loss of >20 lbs
  • Married another classmate

Not Available:

  • Divorced twice
  • Parented children with different mothers/fathers
  • Took the Twelve-step walk

The above categories that I arguably could fit into (none are a perfect fit):

  • PhD (I have a juris doctor -- some people consider this a doctorate degree, but I don't .)
  • Spent time in prison (I often interview witnesses in jails or prisons.......)
  • Same Hairstyle (long, straight, blunt-cut, however my bangs are grown out now.)
  • Loss of >20 lbs (I actually don't know the exact poundage lost, but is around 20lbs).

More on class reunion later......


At 7:03 PM, Blogger equipoise said...

Can't wait to hear the details! Especially since I never went to any of my class reunions.


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