Thursday, November 03, 2005

My crazy Boss.

As much as I bitch about his craziness, I don’t think I accurately convey how humorous it often is. Humorous in a head-shaking, snickering, "that boy just ain’t right" way.

Currently he is on the phone trying to get ahold of an attorney at another law firm. This other attorney is in a meeting but my boss won’t give up. He is calling the secretary of every other attorney in the meeting to try to get through to him, AND constantly pestering the attorney-in-question’s secretary to interrupt the meeting. She is continually refusing, so that is why he is calling the other secretaries. He is tying up all of our phone lines trying to reach this attorney. Now this is just obnoxious and obsessive, but not really crazy.

What IS crazy, is that in his frustration, my boss is also frantically paging the staff in OUR office, too. I am hearing a repeat of the same basic, retarded, conversation:

Boss, "Maria, I am on hold with X law firm, trying to reach Mr. Attorney."
Staff, " there something that you’d like me to do?"
Boss, "They keep putting me on hold. I’m on hold. I hear music."
Staff, "How can I help?"
Boss, "I’m on hold. I’m on hold."

Then he hangs up and buzzes another support staff or attorney to repeat the nonsensical conversation. I sit here giggling my ass off awaiting the buzz of my phone.


At 6:59 PM, Blogger Frick said...

you really have to start fucking with him.

At this point, I would(from behind a closed office door) call HIS secretary, from your phone, using an outside extension. Say that you are the secretary of the the attorney he's trying to reach, then hang up when he answers.


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