Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Midwest Mountaineering

My bro and I went shopping. This is embarrassing since neither of us shop very often. The outdoor store had an expo that we went to check out. I ended up buying a fancy, under-priced rain jacket and three pairs of travel pants. Then we went into the basement to check out the cave climbing/bouldering indoor rock climbing.

My hand still hurt from punching a cab earlier in the week, and I could barely do any climbing. To be honest though, I don’t think I would have been able to do much anyway. The point of the room was basically to climb across the ceiling, upside-down and horizontal. We weren’t roped in and the floor was heavily padded. I am not a monkey – I am cowardly and the whole concept just seems....wrong. When I did my most impressive climb, and relied on my injured hand it didn’t feel good at all and was sort of pink and puffy afterwards. So I stopped at that point.

The best climbers were a group of pre-teen, early-teen boys. Several were completely fearless and monkey-like. I think/hope that they had tried this before. The bro is ripped, so whenever he climbed around his muscles bulged. My guess is that he might be too bulky/heavy for this sport, since most of the people I see doing it well are muscular, of course, but with considerably leaner muscles than he has.

It rained as we rode home, so I tried out my new raincoat and stayed dry. We didn’t do dodge ball because of the rain and the huge amount of time we spent at the store.


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