Monday, November 07, 2005

Blackhawks Box Seats

Hui Hwa invited me to join her in her boss’s box seats for a Blackhawks game. I am not a sports person, but I do like to watch hockey games, so I excitedly accepted. We were the scruffiest bunch of people that I saw in any of the box seats. Plus, we apparently didn’t have the best ‘box seat etiquette’. There are fancy waiters that check in on the boxes – but you can only order food or drinks in quantities of six. Instead of doing that, we were leaning over the edge to get beverages from the beer hawkers. One hawker informed us that this was unusual behavior.

It made watching the game much nicer, because our view was good and we didn’t have annoying people by us. I also liked having a private bathroom just steps away. We talked briefly about bringing the couches from the inner box to balance on the seats, but decided against it. Sorry Frick. We gigglingly referred to the rest of the stadium as ‘commoners’ "prols" or "riff-raff." Then we giggled at ourselves. Charming, no.

The Hawks won in overtime over the Phoenix, ummm ....Coyotes? It was some sort of dog-like creature. Good Stuff. There is a lot of beer and alcohol advertised at sporting events. Miller products; Crown Royale (whiskey); Smirnoff (vodka); Captain Morgan (rum).

When I went outside there was a kid with his family messing around with my Bianchi. I walked across the street and stood behind him before barking, "Hands off the bike, kid." He jumped with surprise/fright, his parents were too busy taking pictures and I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction.


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