Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I had two weird bathroom experiences in Minneapolis.

The first was at Psycho Suzie. The birthday boy and a woman from his table were having some sort of ‘deep’ drunken conversation in the women’s bathroom. The dude was so out of it that he wondered outloud several times why ‘women kept barging in on them.’ Survey says – because you are in the women’s bathroom, dumbass. The toilet in the first stall was completely full and ready to overflow. The second stall had vomit on the floor. I didn’t use PS bathroom again.

I immediately went to relieve my bladder upon arriving at Grunions. [During dinner I consumed enough water that my bro had to comment. I like water.] An older, drunk woman came in loudly proclaimed something like, ‘what’s up with all of the fake people!’ I was the only other person, and I took a few steps away from her drunk ass. She then exclaimed, ‘Get outta here!’ as if I just told her something both amazing and amusing. I hastily left and dried my hands on my pants.

The bathroom at my bro’s place was quite boring in comparison – but it was cleaner and had a shower.


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