Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Pretty early on Friday we learned that the case was probably going to settle. Yippee!

I was excused from working on the weekend because of the expected settlement. So plans were reinstated for a brothers-filled weekend.

I basically floated to Critical Mass, which turned out to be another huge Mass, with estimates of about 3,000 riders. We ended in Lincoln Square, the German part of Chicago and stayed to dine. I took the safe route with potato pancakes, while Anne, Grant & Paul gorged themselves on sourkraut, fried potatos, different types of wurst, schnitzle & huge steins of beer. For having German heritage, I certainly don't have any fondness for this type of food or drink. Blech.

The next morning we got up early, biked to the blue line station, took the El to Ohare, took a shuttle bus to the rental car station, crammed our bikes into the back seat and then drove to Wisconsin. I took the first leg of driving and we took the, umm, scenic route through Milwaukee instead of the more direct route to Madison.

We continued on to Devil's Lake for a few hours of hiking. Good stuff. I took a major risk with my knee as we climbed up the rocks and then hiked up and down the stairs carved into the steep bluff. Luckily my knee only ached a little from the hiking, and I managed to not reinjure it.

We met up with Equipoise and Frick, my adorable brothers at the hotel we were staying in. I took big bro's fixie for a spin and almost crashed it because it refused to unclip my shoes. I had to grab onto a pillar and free my foot from my shoe in order to ride safely. Outside of its greedy, clingy nature, the bike seems pretty sweet.

At the hotel we took turns showering. A pillow fight broke out between the sibs while Paul was in the shower. He wasn't surprised and expected a decent amount of horseplay and shenanigans from us.

We went out for dinner and drinks, which was very nice. Paul got to eat Italian food, Wisconsin-style: tortilline stuffed with cheese, in cheese sauce and smothered with melted, toasted mozarella cheese. Pour boy had a brick of cheese in his little belly for the rest of the night. The most fun of the evening (weekend?) was my brothers turning an outdoor modern art seating area into a raucous game of Outdoor Lava Floor. I'm sure one or both of them will post more about it, along with pictures. Very fun.

The next day we got a guided tour of the campus/capitol area from the bros, went to check out the Willy Street neighborhood and have breakfast. Frick inhaled his food as usual. We went to the Willy St. Co-op, and I learned to my disappointment that it had grown considerably and now seems more like a Whole Foods than the co-op I adored.

After that was a fast-paced ride out of town and back, before we packed our bikes up and said our goodbyes.

We dropped Frick off at the Milwaukee airport and then turned into yuppie Chicago tourists. Paul and I stopped to pick out a pumpkin at a farm and then went to Mars Cheese Castle to contiue loading up on Wisconsin goodies. We bought blueberry and cherry wine from a WI vineyard along with two packages of cheese curds and smoked string cheese. I had to give Paul a tutorial on cheese-making. I don't quite think he believes me that cheese curds are just a normal process of certain cheese-making.

The weekend was totally fun. It is always great to see my brothers.

The only dark spot was that Paul got sort of sad after seeing me and the bros goof off. He and his sister aren't close, but he hoped when she visited a few months ago that their relationship would improve. Instead, he realized that they even have less in common than he thought before, and was disappointed by the trip. He has been bummed out about his sister since her visit. Seeing the silliness and easiness between me and the bros demonstrated again the sib relationship he wanted, but doesn't feel is possible. So, unfortunately, he was quieter and sadder over the weekend than he normally is.

Other than that, the weekend was great. Can't wait to see you boys over Thanksgiving.

Back at the office on Monday, the case settled about 11:00am. The whole office is elated and screwed off for the remainder of Monday and Tuesday. I went home when it was light out two days in a row! Wednesday was almost back to normal, though -- I moved a ton of work across my desk and was pretty efficient, too.

The fun weekend along with the case settling have worked to great effect on my mood. Yippee!


At 7:47 PM, Blogger Frick said...

I prefer the name "Lava Rock Rock Revolution", deriving it from the all to familiar "Dance Dance Revolution" video game.

And yes, there will be pictures posted soon


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