Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hbar Brunch Menu

The Hbar owners and I met on Monday night to discuss future operations. I told them that I wanted to really work on improving our brunch. The Hbar is very close to heavy brunch areas. Almost all places have lines out the door, even in cold winter, of people waiting to be seated. The Hbar just isn’t on the radar of the brunch crowd, though.

I want to change that. I suggested that we start making really good bloody marys and introduce some exotic bloody marys, too. The owners were really receptive and we agreed to do this. I also said that we need to improve the brunch menu by adding several more good dishes. Josh suggested that I submit about twenty possible menu items that we can choose from.

I am ridiculously excited about this. Plus I had caffeine at the meeting, so I was up all night imagining tasty brunch dishes. Here are some of my preliminary thoughts of items to add to our current brunch menu:

Frittatas (w/ herbed polenta or rosemary potatoes, and grapes):
carmelized onion & blue cheese frittatas
roasted red pepper, feta & olives

Goat cheese flan on a nest of fried, shredded potatoes & onions (w/ grapes)

Eggs Florentine (w/ polenta or potatoes & toast):
Two eggs steamed atop a bed of seasoned, sauteed spinach

I’m hoping to try out several of these recipes this weekend. I am ridiculously excited about this!

Also, there is a very strong chance that the Hbar will be selling tickets for a New Years Eve party!

Woo Hoo! Too. Much. Fun.


At 9:03 PM, Blogger hereNT said...

Hmm - did you know that there's a BikeForums Meat n Greet happening in about a month? They've been trying to decide where brunch should be on Sat morning. About 40 grungy fixed gear riders so far...

At 9:43 AM, Blogger jojo said...

They certainly would be welcome for brunch, however it looks as though they are having dinner at the Hbar the night they'd probably want to check out a new joint.

Thanks for the head's up!

At 11:09 AM, Blogger Thomas said...

You're making me hungry!

At 5:32 PM, Blogger Nathan said...

I'm with Thomas! Those eggs florentine sound positively scrumptious... Do you guys have huevos rancheros with a New Mexican green chile sauce? Of course you dont - but you should! ;)

You could also try emphasizing/encouraging people having stouts with their brunch. Yum.


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