Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bad, Bad Busy Blogger

Life's been really busy I suck.

The Recap:

My knee is feeling better, but I'm still on the Bianchi. I think I'll take the Julep on Critical Mass on Friday though.

Another juvenile delinquent messed up a lot of my plans. He did give the opportunity for an unexpected 12-mile ride to his youth facility last night. We chatted about biking and he was amazed that I would ride through his neighborhood alone, at night -- plus in business clothes. He almost caused my Wisconsin weekend plans to be ruined again, but I convinced the detective to let me surrender him yesterday instead of Saturday. My advice: Quit fucking twelve year-old girls. It will make all of our lives better.

I had to rent a car (actually minivan) to surrender him. Driving makes me pissed off. I hate it and so do most other drivers, from their behavior and the looks on their faces. I feel trapped and confined and unsafe. Plus I was driving a g-damned minivan. I am used to small little cars not blind-spot filled, tinted windows (WTF -- it's a minivan!) monstrosity. I felt like an asshole.

Wisconsin was nice. Even though it was gloomy and rainy we got a lot of hiking in on Saturday and fall colors were beautiful. There were mushrooms everywhere on the almost deserted trails. Apparently their dog is a mushroom junkie and will seek out mushrooms until she is a drooling, stoned mutt. Tehehe.

I am fearful that my friends Steph and Shalan are quickly turning lame. Shal moved out of Milwaukee and into Bumblefuck, WI. The entire county's population is 16,000 and most of the homes are really trailers. It makes my hometown look like a thriving urban area. Dear Lord. Both she and Steph have to drive a ton for their commutes everyday. I found myself biting my tongue as they bitched about gas prices and time spent in vehicles. They know my views, so their is no point in reiterating them. They marvel at the 'luxury' I have of biking everywhere -- but they never arrange their housing/jobs to allow them this same 'luxury', instead choosing to get 'more house for the money' farther from work. Grrrrrrr..

Halloween is fast approaching. Friends and I are going as Charlie's Angels -- 1970's during Critical Mass and then slutting it up at the after-party as the 'New Angels'. Expect some hilarious pictures of me in the 'hoochiest shirt ever' that cleaves almost down to my navel. The party is at my house, so I have lots of other shirt options once I get tired of nobody making eye contact with me. And if any man besides Paul tries to grab a breast -- he better expect to clean his own blood off of the floor.

I applied for my passport, so Amsterdam plans are progressing, albeit slowly.

Life is busy, but good.


At 11:12 PM, Blogger equipoise said...

//begin rant
I disagree when you say that there's no point in reiterating your views. It sounds to me like they refuse to take responsibility for the decisions they've made, and the lifestyle that has resulted from those decisions. They have no right to bitch, and you have every right to point that out to them.

When they marvel at your "luxury" of being able to bike everywhere, you can certainly drive the point home that you've consciously designed your life to afford yourself that "luxury". And they haven't.
//end rant

At 10:17 AM, Anonymous Jim said...

I bought my house in South Minneapolis three years ago. It was my impression that the claim that the suburbs feature "more house for the money" is a crock of shit. Until you get out to the edge of the sprawl, this is universally untrue, in my experience. I looked at houses in Richfield and Bloomington and found that they were generally the same prices as similar homes in Minneapolis. My house is about 1,200 sq ft not including the basement, and we routinely use only about 800 of those sq ft. The other 400 sq ft are surplus space that we only use for guests, etc. So I could buy a house in some outer ring exurb with an extra 500 sq ft I wouldn't use for the same price.

At 8:25 PM, Blogger jojo said...

E: Part of me agrees with you, but also both Steph, Shal & Peter had pretty hard times finding jobs recently. Steph would have preferred working in Milwaukee, and Peter and Shal hoped to find jobs in the same city. Their situations aren't ideal for them and not the first choice they would have made.

Also, I'd rather not spend a nice weekend with my friends perched atop my soapbox. They know my opinions and have already gotten defensive about it in the past.

Plus Shal and Pete are in a really tough spot right now and my views would sound a lot like kicking them when they are down.

I truly hate the 'more house for the money' concept. I also hate the idea of 'starter homes' that have housed much larger families than their current occupants. It seems like the additional space that people desire is simply so they can own and store more junk.

Plus, spending an hour or two commuting by car everyday certainly has costs -- both monetarily and worse. Those of us who bike or public transport ourselves to work can get something productive out of that time: exercise, sleep, reading, work. Time isn't free after all.

Add to that cost the money involved in fueling, maintaining, insuring, parking and owning a car and it seems like a few hundred dollars more a month could be applied to mortgage payments for a house in the city.

Obviously, I am just a crack-pot hippie radical for thinking in these terms though.

At 11:40 AM, Blogger Nathan said...

Jim, your kid'll start putting those extra 400 to good use soon enough. :)

Do Richfield and Bloomington even meet the definition of "suburb" any more?

Sounds like I better research wild mushrooms, if I can trust this dog!


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