Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursday -- The Craziness Gets Worse

I honestly couldn't make this up if I wanted to.

5:51pm. We received a message that the boss remembered he had a cocktail party to attend and was going to try to make it. WTF?

6:30pm. A huge crowd of people burst loudly into our office and don't shut up. My boss comes in to tell me that he invited them from the party to do an impromptu telethon for his charity fundraising project. They will be using the spare phones in the office, but there aren't enough phones, so "since you aren't using your phone do you mind if someone makes calls in your office?"

me (scowling fiercely): "while I am working?"
crazy boss: "Yes, would that disturb you?"
me (with a bewildered, angry, threatening look): "Of course it would disturb me. I have to get a new motion researched and finished tonight."
cb: "Oh. Should I close your door."

So now, while we are on the eve of the firm's biggest trial, at which the media will be screaming down our necks, with our offices completely covered in confidential and privileged material and the attorneys unfed, stressed and unhappy, now we have strangers all over the place making loud fundraising phone calls. I think my boss is making these calls, too instead of preparing for trial.

The boss ordered them pizza which is smelling up the office something terrible. He (uses a support staff member to order and pick up his lunch everyday) has been bitching all week when he learned that attorneys were out of the office for lunch or supper. Today barely anyone took lunch and now we are past dinner, too. And he has the nerve to bring the saliva-inducing smell of pizza that we can't eat into the office while all of our bellies are grumbling.

All of the important work on this file has fallen on his partner's shoulders and the partner just threatened to quit. The craziness is seriously out of control. I can't possibly give it justice in this entry.

Unbelievable. Incredulous. Unreal.


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