Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I should not live alone

This I have known for years. I have many bad, lazy, sloppy tendencies that are curbed considerably by the presence of another person. Basically, I am too embarrassed to let someone else witness how slovenly I naturally will be.

John has been gone on his three-week vacation for a week and a half now. I am disgusted by myself. Almost every night that I’ve spent here, I have succombed to laziness. I ‘ve read books on the couch until I fall asleep, only to waddle to bed hours later without brushing my teeth.

I haven’t taken out the kitchen garbage yet, and the recyclables are beginning to take over the kitchen. Our dining room table is covered with mail. I have three messengerish bags, two paniers and my panier garment bag strewn about the dining room, with their contents spilling out to mingle with the mail. I haven’t gone grocery shopping and am instead foraging for food in the apartment. Popsicles for breakfast? Sure. Chips and Salsa for dinner? Of course. Walking around barefoot makes grains of crud constantly adhere to the blackened soles of my feet while tumbleweeds of hair are lazily herded into the corners by the ceiling fans.

Paul wanted to go to my place instead of his on Monday night, so I cursorily cleaned the bathroom and picked up the pile of dirty clothes that was growing in the dining room. This pile was caused when I simply stripped out of my clothes when I walked in the door to take full advantage of being able to walk around naked or in my underpants. I also tidied my bedroom by changing the bedsheets and throwing all of my dirty clothes into the basket – which I then parked in the kitchen. I did not however, put away the ironing board turned table that is perched in front of my dresser.

I also collected all of the dirty dishes and ran them through the dishwasher – but I have not, and probably will not unload it anytime soon. The kitchen table is covered in some unknown source of stickiness and Paul pointed out that there are ants marching around brazenly on the shelves.
Luckily, tomorrow Mia moves back in. This might prompt me tonight to clean the place up a bit and hopefully rescue me from my downward slide towards slobbishness. Plus it will be great to just have her back in the place.

Before John comes back I need to replace his:

4 cans of cream soda
A box of cereal (eaten for dinner, leading to the breakfast popsicles)
2 cans of Coke
Tortilla chips
New blinking taillight.

Bad. Roommate. Bad.


At 7:03 AM, Blogger George said...

That's funny, I do the same thing and so does my wife.

I used to be a neat freak but I have regressed in the past 20 years.

It's a helluva lot easier to be a pig then it is to be neat.

You just can't invite anyone over.......


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