Tuesday, September 06, 2005

High School Friends

I took the train to Milwaukee where I met with my friends to go ‘back home’ for another high school friend’s engagement party. It was nice to hang out with Steph and Steve now that they aren’t freaking out about their wedding. Apparently their parents have moved seamlessly into pressuring them about grandchildren, now that the wedding is over.

Surrat’s engagement party was nice because we all got to hang out. Kim and Brian had their baby along – it is very big now. He looks like he is too big to hold like a baby. When I picked him up he tried to yank my necklace off –apparently he is part dog and feels the best way to explore the world is by tasting everything. He also was very grabby towards peoples’ faces. Kim looked concern when I told him ‘Watch it – I bite’ as a warning for him to keep his hands to himself. He must watch Brian, because he tried pulling down both mine and Steph’s tanktop straps. Anytime he started wiggling or drooling I quickly passed him back to Kim. His leaking mouth reminded me that his bladder leaks, too – and I want nothing to do with that.

Peter was obsessed with the baby. He and Shal just moved out to the country with the anticipation of starting a family in a year. Peter simply couldn’t leave the baby alone. He stared at it. He played with it. He made noises to it. He inspected the combo baby-jogger/bike trailer. He wanted to take the baby for a run in the trailer. He stared when Shalan held the baby. Freeeeky. Pete’s biological clock is set to ‘Baby’ and it is hilarious. Shalan was getting freaked out by him. She fortunately confirmed that she is handling the birth control situation. Whew.

The price of gas was on everyone’s mind. Both Shal and Pete have long commutes and now Steph does, too. I bit my tongue on the issue, because I expressed my concern and disapproval when they were considering these housing/job situations. The cost is significant to them, so I don’t want to gloat "I told you so" on top of it. They all spent a lot of time searching for their new jobs, and never considered this ideal in the first place. I know they will continue to seek to find better arrangements.

After we arrived back in Milwaukee, Steph asked for my help shopping for work clothes. Shalan did the same thing when she changed jobs. I have somehow become a resource for professional clothing advise. Considering how badly I dress at work most days, I question my friends’ judgment. Still it was fun and she got some nice clothes for her new job. Importantly she got padded 'nipple-proof' bras, because she is teaching junior high boys. It's better to not give them an additional excuse to stare at her chest.


At 8:55 AM, Blogger Sascha said...

good job on the tongue biting restraint. learning when to stay quiet is 90% of the battle to keep our friends and influencing them in the ways we'd like them to think.

People are a lot less resentful and more inclined to listen to you if they know you aren't going to get all "nya-nya" in their face.


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