Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tell Me Your Secrets

I don't know what is happening, but this summer I have become many peoples' unwitting confidant. Friends, both new and those I have known for years, have suddenly started revealing amazing experiences from their pasts. Drug addiction, abortions, affairs with married people, children given up for adoption, intravenous drug use, stripping, prostitution......these are some of the highlights of the revelations. Very bizarre.

Most of these friends are now perfectly respectable, have-their-shit-together types. For some reason, they have all shared this information in what had been fun, late-night, light-hearted conversation. I don't think I flinched from any of the news as it tumbled unexpectedly from their lips, but it feels weird to know so many friends' deep, personal secrets. They all seem relieved to have someone in their current life know about their past as they declare that I'm 'the only person in Chicago who knows this' and implore me to keep the secrets safe (duh).

Is there something new in the water that pushes people to reveal these things? Also, why me?

I guess I shouldn't suggest playing Truth or Dare at my next party.


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