Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Monday Riding

I’m sick of work. Anyway, I tore my skirt mounting my bike at lunch. So now my not professional frayed denim skirt has an even less professional 5 inch tear up the left side. This skirt has put in many, many miles and I have noticed the fabric getting thinner recently, so I’m not too surprised. EM at work, knowing my tendency to be unprofessional and my favorite half-assed method of fixing clothes (staples), fully expects to see me wearing the skirt next week with a row of staples holding it together. I told him that instead I’ll probably go punk rock and spring for actual safety pins.

My ride home last night rocked. First I saw T.C. waiting atop the Des Plaines bridge for the light at the bottom to turn green. We had a few silly conversations before I turned left onto Grand Avenue. Turning left from Milwaukee Avenue is sometimes challenging because there is so much oncoming traffic—but last night I waited for a few cars and then just zoomed through. Most bicyclists make these lefts ‘pedestrian style’ by making a box turn in the crosswalks. I however just love taking the left lane and riding like a car.

As I zipped by on Grand (I was running late for a dinner with John and Mia) I encountered another perfect biking situation. Approaching a red light I saw an earth-moving machine in the right lane, followed by two cars with their right blinkers flashing. Not wanting to get stuck behind that mess, I moved to my left, planning to split the lanes. Just as I was about to slow down for the red light, it changed to green, so I didn’t lose much momentum and merged in to take the left lane of traffic. The earthmover actually booked and I wasn’t able to pass him quickly. Instead I clicked into a higher gear and kept pedaling. He was also shifting fast and trying to get as much speed out of that huge vehicle as possible. The Race was On. When I got up to 25 mph it seemed like his vehicle was topped out and we made eye contact and nodded our heads in appreciation of our lighthearted race. After just hanging next to him for a while at this pace, I shifted again, spun faster and then left him behind. All Good Fun.


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