Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Mint Julep Rides Again

The poor girl had been stabled and hobbled for several weeks. She was literally resting on her forks and missing pedals, because the Bianchi had snagged both her front wheel and pedals. A week ago I finally put her back together–and since then, the Bianchi has been stabled. The fixie is a joy to ride again–plus I am clipping into her with both feet for the first time. Fear and inadequately adjusted SPDs kept me from clipping in before. Once I did it a few times it was easy and I feel comfortable doing it.

Weirdly, she has been attracting a lot of unwanted yuppie attention. Chads and trixies walk past me in the crosswalks and smile and compliment her sparkling streamers. Very bizarre–normally yuppies and I ignore each other. I guess the Julep is such a cutie that she is irresistible to even the most generic yuppie heart. Each time this happened I thanked the yuppie, flashed a big smile and thought to myself, ‘I hope you think a little better of bicyclists from now on.’

I think the Julep is the cutest bike ever--but also Damn Tough. She looks especially cute when I lock her to the top of fence posts.

Besides her minty color, she also has a tiny girl's frame that looks too small for the wheels. The shiny mylar streamers finish the look.

However, she is Damn Tough--her drop bars are bare metal, she doesn't have a rear brake to slow down her skinny tires and her 52/16 fixed gear ratio doesn't fuck around.

Tough and Cute. The Julep is fun on my Chicago streets.


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