Friday, August 12, 2005

Health Insurance

The Hbar owners decided last night that we will offer our full-time employees health insurance. So. Fucking. Cool. We already pay them decent wages (no semi-slave immigrant labor for us) and try to treat them well in other ways, so this seemed to be the logical next step. The restaurant has been consistently profitable for the last several months–not just paying its bills/loans, but actually making a profit above that, too. We decided that health insurance was a good use of these profits.

I was uninsured for the bulk of my adult life, even though I worked full-time and I constantly stressed about it. I also hated those bosses who stretched every rule so as to not have to offer me insurance. Biking in Chicago without insurance freaked me out, especially considering the massive number of accidents that are hit & run here.

So I feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that we are helping our employees. Plus, as an owner, I can opt in anytime I want to, also. While I get health insurance from my firm, it is nice to know that if I ever decide to throw in the legal towel, I can not only start paying myself to cook at the Hbar, but also get insurance. Or if I start doing legal consulting, I have easy access to an insurance plan. Mostly, though I am just happy that my company is doing better for its employees than most of the companies that I worked for.


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