Friday, August 19, 2005

The Hbar, Free and Clear

As of 9:30am 8/19/2005, I no longer have any consumer debt. [my student loans are still kicking around, of course!] I just made my final payment on the debt I incurred to buy the Hbar, and cut the check for September’s rent. So. Exciting.

The Hbar being paid off completely is the third factor that makes quitting my job attractive. September is a three-paycheck month, too–so if I am conservative, I should have approximately $6,000 saved up by the end of the month. That is enough for me to pay my bills for almost six months. In six months I should be able to get another lawyer job. Plus, I could cook at the Hbar and really extend my departure from the legal world indefinitely.

However, in the immediate future – it is time for me to splurge. I have been postponing several purchases for quite a while (one since 2002!) to celebrate: a job offer; paying off my credit card debt, paying off the Hbar. I met that goal and shortly I will buy a:
  • Hamilton Beach commercial stand mixer,
  • digital camera (recommendations welcome), and
  • telephone/answering machine (my current phone has a cord and requires me to shout to be heard well; the answering machine cuts people off randomly).

In other fun Hbar news, we are offering beer at prices inverse to rising gasoline prices. Too fun.


At 4:40 PM, Anonymous snorty said...

Congrats on getting out from under your debt. There are a bunch of decent digital cameras out there. My wife has a Nikon CoolPix and I have a Canon Powershot. Both are great cameras and have their strong points. The Nikon is especially good for macro shots. The prices keep dropping but it would be worth doing a bit of research prior to purchasing one. Digital Photography Review [] is worth a visit. Another place to help you decide on a camera is Dealcam []. Dealram has pricing on various types of flash memory (digital film) []. To keep from eating batteries, I use a card reader that plugs into a USB port. Anyhow, happy shopping!

At 4:57 PM, Blogger George said...

I second what Snorty says.......DP review is a great resource for checking stuff out. We have a Sony W-5 and we love it. I couldn't finf a review on Dp for the W-5, but this is for the W-7 which is exactly the same but has more megapixels. .........

I bought ours from Got the camera, a 512 meg memory card, an additional 4 batteries (it comes with 2) and charger, a soft case and a mini tripod for less then 400 bucks.

At 11:08 AM, Blogger michael said...

I love my Fuji Finepix E510. My digicam advice: check the price of memory cards used by your ideal before deciding on a model--adding memory will seriously impact the total price, do not buy a camera that uses a special battery--rechargeable AAs are the way to go.

At 12:10 PM, Blogger equipoise said...

Congrats on getting you debts paid off - not many people at your age (or any age, for that matter!) can make that claim.

I wholehearted agree that getting a camera that uses standard batteries (like AA) is key.

You may also want to research what image format the camera stores the photos in. Some cameras can store photos as .tif files, which are (I think?) a higher quality, "lossless" format (as compared to .jpg format, which is a lower quality, compressed, "lossy" format.)

For blowing pictures up to 8x10 size or larger, more megapixels is better, and .tif format would be better. Of course then you need a larger memory card as well, because the image files get larger. But memory is pretty cheap nowadays.

At 2:08 PM, Blogger Sascha said...

I like my fuji finepix as well. I bought the Finepix because it's got a threaded lens adapter to which I can attach a polarizing lens for scenery shots. That's probably more stuff than you'd want.

I also used when hunting for my camera 3 years ago.

So, a word of advice: since you spend so much time on the bike and will likely use your camera in your every day life, find a high quality small camera that totes easily.

I also use rechargable AA batteries and found the rechargeable setup to be well worth it's price.

At 6:46 PM, Blogger jojo said...

Thanks for the digital camera suggestions. I dread researching this purchase. I was thinking about looking for a camera that ran off of normal batteries, so it's nice to know that others second that opinion.


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