Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The End of Casual?

I overheard a terrifying declaration from my boss this morning.

"You guys keep pushing the limits. I am going to have to start enforcing a dress code. You at least have to iron your pants."

He said this to one of the junior partners who looked pretty rumpled.

I quickly trotted out of my office and past my boss, wearing a business suit (I took another depostion today, and happened to be dressed up). I hoped that this would remind him that we always dress up when we need to.

Thankfully I had just changed because about two minutes earlier I was walking around the office braless in a studded camoflauge muscle-shirt.

One of the redeeming things about my workplace is that I normally don't have to dress well. On most days I wear the same shitty clothes I wear in my 'real life.' I intend to wear little white socks with maryjanes, but often don't change out of my bike shoes. Several of my clothes have been cut apart and remain unhemmed. I think around March I completely stopped wearing nylons -- even days before I get my legs waxed. I often just wear tanktops and a week isn't complete without at least one braless day. This is a Major Perk of working here.

Talking with my roommate, I have determined that being able to dress like a slob is worth at least $10,000/year to me. There would be 'hard costs' like purchasing new clothes & drycleaning, but the bulk of this figure was determined by how much I dislike dressing up everyday.

I hope that my boss doesn't create a dress code. If he does it will be just another incentive to find a new job.


At 6:31 AM, Blogger George said...

My sister-in-law is an attorney working for the state of PA.

She HATES getting dressed up everyday. I guess that's one of the disanvantages of working for the state.

One of the advantages for her is that she only works 40 hours a week and has very good benefits.

I guess ya gotta take the bad with the good.

At 11:36 AM, Blogger Frick said...

Look on the bright side. If you find a new job, the more strict your current jobs dress code is, the more fun it will be to "push the envelope" of sloppiness before you quit.


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