Friday, July 01, 2005

I think I woke up drunk

Sad, but true. Worse was when I felt myself becoming slightly hung-over as the morning progressed. I had a meeting (maybe a date?) with Paul the guy whose number I got with the approval of my big bro at the last critical mass ride. We went to the Shedd Aquarium to listen to jazz on the terrace after walking around the aquarium. Fun. Stuff. In two weeks I’m going with my friend Chris–maybe my goals should be to go with a different guy each week.

Two glasses of wine on the terrace, and then we decided to get drinks in our ‘hood. Two and a half more drinks at this bar from probably 10:30–1:30. 5.5 hours – 4.5 drinks = too much booze for my system. God, am I a lightweight now.

Thankfully, Fridays don’t require the 8:00am "summer hours" start-time, so I didn’t have to be here early. I’m still at work because my boss is working from home on a document of mine and calling repeatedly to ask me questions or give me silly little assignments. His most recent call was about 10 minutes long as he lectured me about the format of a timeline: take out the bold, double space the lines.........pure formatting stuff. I hate it when he is in these annoying moods. Now I feel stuck here until I know he has moved on to another project. Grrr...... this is really annoying. I came in at 8:00 every other day, so I can leave early today, but now I am stuck. Plus, I don’t really have any work that I want to do, because I need his revisions before I can really do anything with that file. Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be hellish next week.

It is glorious outside and I want to break free and get outside. This morning I decided not to shower (I showered after work last night) and ride slower than normal to work because it was much cooler today. Low and behold, there were tons of bikers who whipped by me. Normally I am not passed. I wonder if normally my clip keeps these speedies from passing me, or if there are more speedies who work at 9:00 instead of 8:00.......hmmmm. At first I was sorely tempted to speed up and pace them, but then, my tired, possibly drunk & slightly hung-over wisdom kicked in, and I kept at my planned, pokey pace. Once I got over the trauma of being a slow rider on the road, it was pretty fun to just leisurely ride.

I have officially bailed from the bike-packing trip. There are too many fun things going on in Chicago that I don’t want to miss out on. Todd and I just verified that we will watch the fireworks from his boat–I’ve never been on a sailboat before, so I’m super-excited about that. I will probably also go into work sometime–and I need to hit the ground running on Tuesday morning. I feel perfectly happy with this decision and am excited about the weekend. Plus, both John and Mia will be gone–so I’ll have the place to myself. Fantastic. Paul and I tentatively talked about taking a long ride, maybe to the Botanical Gardens, so I’ll probably get some miles in this weekend anyway.

The trip wasn’t intimidating to me–50 miles a day is cake. The hills would of course make it harder, but I that was actually a draw for the trip, because I need to get comfortable spinning up hills. As for regretting drinking with my friends over the weekend–the bike packing trip will certainly involve generous amounts of booze. By staying in Chicago, I’ll sleep better and get some stuff done here and hopefully be recharged for next week. Recently work has been much, much more fun because I have some new files that are interesting and really keep my busy.

Screw work--I'm out of here. Later this afternoon is the CBF Happy Hour at the Hbar and then tonight Mia and I are going to the opening of her friend’s bar, The Lava Lounge. I feel tomorrow morning may bring me a repeat of today’s faucet ass experience.

Life is good! Have a happy weekend!


At 2:56 PM, Blogger Thomas said...

yes, screw work!

when can I get out of here?!

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Frick said...

5.5 hrs 4.5 drinks, you should still be sober! You are a lightweight!

At 4:50 PM, Blogger hereNT said...

I think I woke up drunk, too. A shot in my first cup of coffee went a long way towards keeping any hangover at bay ;)


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