Thursday, June 09, 2005

My Roomie & Me

I just got these pictures--they are both of me and my roommate (why is he always in the foreground?):

New Year's Eve 2005. John had a NYE party following the NYE Critical Mass. So besides a picture of John and me, there is also a snippet of our living room. This was the first time visiting my home-to-be!
Notice my natural 'fist' position--if I ever have to swing a punch without time to think I will break my thumb.

CBF 20th Anniversary Gala (4/2/2005)

Three months later and roommates (and stuffed with goat cheese-covered filet mignon...mmmm.) There are enough pictures of us wearing our bike helmets, so it's nice to have evidence that we don't always look like bike dorks. Lately we've spent a lot of time together all sweaty and gross during bike-camping, so evidence that we can be civilized and cleaned-up is fun.

The 'dress' we are standing next to was one of the pieces of artwork displayed. I met the artist the week earlier at the Derailleur assembly--she was on spring breake from school in St. Louis and is very bikey. She mentioned that she made a dress out of old bike tubes and we put her in touch with the curator of the bike art for the gala.

For the record I rode my bike to both of these events in the clothes pictured (on the beloved MIA Tank)--biking can easily be done in normal clothes--special gear or spandex are not needed.


At 10:57 PM, Blogger clark said...

Yow! You actually rode your bike to these functions looking like.... er, how shall I phrase this?... HOT!

Nice pics...It's always great to see the face behind the blog.

Do you do the Flickr thing? It is the coolest pic sharing site, and I am sure you already know about it. ( I give it 5 stars out of 4 ) Mister Dillon is my user name... feel free to peruse the pics pf bike thingss and etc etc


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