Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Garbly Blabbing

First, find below this post my ridiculously long posts about the weekend:

Friday--Fixie Fix-up,
Saturday--World Naked Bike Ride

I was tired and feeling crappy yesterday, so I left work sick (sick and tired of being at work when I have better shit to do). Actually I didn't feel very good and wasn't getting much work done. My limbs were randomly falling asleep and I was feeling light-headed. On the way home I almost dumped my fixie at an intersection because my balance wasn't quite right. So I feel justified in leaving a few hours early.

I finally tackled my disgusting hell-pit of a bedroom that honestly looked as though it had been ransacked. Found in my bedding was:
  • An innertube,
  • A deposition,
  • Train tickets,
  • Camping gear,
  • + clothing.

I am a slob. But after two loads of laundry and lots of cleaning it looks habitable again.

Then I sat on the porch to eat dinner and watched the airplanes fly above as the sky bruised before celebrating the setting of the hot sun. I felt very calm after taking this time to simply breathe and observe instead of rushing around. Then I called two friends and felt even better--although I learned that I am recognizable in at least one person's Naked Bike Ride photos. I called her and she agreed to not distribute those pictures. So all is good in the world.


At 10:52 PM, Blogger clark said...

Keep writing those long posts as much as you like! Your blog is great reading and frankly, I oughta just cancel my subscription to some certain bike magazine. Not Dirt Rag, but the one that has turned against the common rider ( bike magazine )... In fact, you should think about writing an article for Dirt Rag. Seriously.

At 3:50 PM, Blogger Megan said...

Hey chicka, surfed on over to your site from a long chain of bike commuter sites I was reading.

I love it! I bike commute in my city, but it's nothing compared to the serious traffic and distances you deal with. Good for you for staying true to yourself by doing what feels right and not conforming to the lawyer culture you describe. I'd pay money to see a photo of you biking in your heels and business suit.

I'm so jealous of the public transportation system available to you. Here in Texas, we are sadly not as advanced. What freedom to be able to take your bike on a train and then go on a camping adventure. Heaven!


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