Thursday, June 23, 2005

Big Brother Visit; A Preview of Craziness

Thursday my big bro comes into Chicago for a visit. Here is the basic itinerary:

Thursday: We meet at the Hbar, before I send him downtown to hear a storyteller. In the meantime, I work at the Derailluer Party. He comes back to the Hbar, chatting, home.

Friday: He goes to museums or other touristy things. I go to work and hopefully Get Out Early! Then I need to work on organizing the PRIDE float at the CBF office and going to a party supply store. About 4:30 we meet at Cal's, the messenger bar, before going to Critical Mass. After having a great time at Critical Mass, and the after-event, we bike to my friend Anne's place who I am plant-sitting for, and pick up Grant's road bike for my brother to ride on Saturday. We will work on our bikes a bit and finally go to bed.

Saturday: We get up to be at Alliance Cafe at 8:45am for the Cycling Sisters' Century Ride that I am organzining and leading. I hope I don't get the group lost. After that, there are two parties that I have been invited to--don't know if we will have the energy for those.

Sunday: Get up and start preparing for the PRIDE parade. I am organizing the CBF bike float in this parade. Yikes! Have a blast riding in the parade and then possibly, go to one or two BBQs that I'm invited to. Send Brother back to Minneapolis.

Does this sound crazy to anyone but me? I hope I don't tucker the old boy out. I am looking soooo forward to his visit. The craziness begins in 4 hours!


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