Sunday, June 26, 2005

Big Brother in the city of Big Shoulders

As anticipated, my big bro Equipoise came to visit me. We met at the Hbar on Thursday night and had dinner before he left to see a show downtown. Too bad, because he missed a lot of cool bikey people. I gave him the Mint Julep, my fixie, to ride and he didn't seem too impressed with it, because he says it looks unfinished. He also disapproved of my wonderous gear 52/16 gear ratio, because it is hard on the knees. Still, it was his first fixie experience, and he came back alive--but somehow lost one of my fantastic bar-end lights :(

Friday was a crazy, crazy day of work for me, and I was stuck there several hours later than I had hoped. Then I went to CBF to prepare for the Pride Parade; went to the party store for Pride decorations; went home to change and eat/drink something and back to Daley Plaza for Critical Mass. On the way there I saw big bro heading in the opposite direction--back towards my place to pick up a pair of socks. Once again, too bad because it would have been fun to introduce him to more people at the plaza.

The ride itself was nice. We rode to a Southside beach and through the neighborhood where I went to law school. Twice during the ride we rode past fire hydrants that were opened and spraying cool water everywhere. I got drenched. I also got severally pushed off course by the water--there is a lot of pressure in the hydrants.

There was a new guy with a sound system on the ride, and my rider with a sound system for the Pride Parade bailed. So I chatted him up and he agreed to pull his system in the parade on Sunday. Score.

Best of all, I met Paul again. We've been on two long group rides and spent a lot of time talking with each other each time. However, I haven't seen him in a while and have wanted to. After chatting a bit, he dropped back to help his friend with a flat. At this point I informed my brother that my intentions towards Paul were not pure. Later, at the beach my bro and I chatted again with Paul and ended up getting invited out to dinner with him and his friends. Excellent--my plan was working. We rode up to our hood for dinner and the three of us talked together as a group. As we were unlocking our bikes after dinner, Paul mentioned that we needed to stay in touch and gave me his business card. Double Score. And all under the watchful eye of big brother, who now has another role: my wingman. Tehehe. As mentioned before--me getting some action is a group effort. Housemates, friends, brothers--It takes a village.

We came back to the apartment and crashed.


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