Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Work Blows

My boss went crazy around 4:30 on Monday, and I was trapped like a leaf in the whirlwind of his craziness until 7:30. He spent this time raging at MM (junior partner) and me for the way a file was being handled. He thought we were spending too much time going through the documents and then created a plan to ‘fix’ the situation by 1) undoing all of the indexing/organizing of the file that has been done, 2) taking these documents out of categorical order and re-ordering them according to Bates numbers (random) and then 3) indexing every fucking page. This will take a paralegal at least a week, whereas finishing the organization that we already started will only take about one more day. Besides wasting time, this method will produce a file that is incredibly hard to access and an index that is almost useless. PLUS, it is completely different than the Firm’s Standard Filing Method–which I directed the paralegal to use. Schitzo-crazy-irrational-OCD-Boss.

Besides having to deal with his craziness, this also meant that I had to console the poor paralegals, who don’t roll well with the boss’s craziness because they take it personally (why in the world would anyone take blatant craziness personally?). Morale at the firm is super-low right now, and the boss seems to be getting crazier. Both the junior partners are extremely unhappy, the staff is on edge, most of the associate attorneys are sending out resumes and the other senior partner is ready to throttle the boss at any given moment. I honestly don’t know what the long-term prospects of this firm are if he doesn’t pull it together. Another recruiter called me yesterday with a job possibility that would significantly would increase my salary, so I think I should take this as a sign to get my resume in order and pound the pavement. I thought I would try to stick around here for another year or so, but if the craziness doesn’t subside soon, them I’ll need to bail.

However, my boss is so well-connected that getting a job that I actually want to do will be much easier with his help, whereas the recruiter was calling about another litigation position. Blech. Although an extra $40,000/year might make litigation more tolerable. I don’t know that the extra dough would be worth the expected extra hours and professional behavior/dress code, though. Additionally, I’m getting put on a case that will require me to be appointed to a position on a governmental committee. That might be neat–or in the alternative, it sounds like resume fodder to me! Plus, in the corrupt state of Illinois, getting an appointment might be the first step to becoming an ‘insider’ of sorts–or to being indicted myself.

No matter what, work is a drag. I just want to fast-forward to: 1) the complete pay-off of my Hbar investment, 2) the point where I have a decent down-payment for a home, and 3) the ability to jump into public interest law and get a job that I really like. A higher-paying job would of course help me reach these points quicker–but probably cause more misery in the process. Maybe I should instead aim for a new job at the end of summer. That way I can burn through my vacation time (and slack off) to enjoy the summer and then take off a few weeks for more vacation (BurningMan + brother visits!) before starting a new gig. The ‘have your cake and eat it, too’ plan, or maybe the ‘try to keep your sanity while pretending to be a professional’ plan.

Work blows and recently I have been just killing more and more time at work because all of my current projects are boring.


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