Friday, May 13, 2005


Around noon today I received this gem (look at a calendar to see how truly obnoxious it is):

The Boss sent me an email. On Saturday May 21st, he wants EM, TL, AJ and MM to come in to work from 9:00 to 1:00 on the motions in limine. The following Saturday he wants everyone on Mearday to come in from 9:00 to 12:00 for a team meeting to go over the status of Mearday. Don't shoot the messenger.
Utter and Total Bullshit. First of all–why in the world can’t we hold these meetings between business hours?–throw it on the calendar and we’ll be there. This is NOT an emergency that requires potentially messing up everyone’s weekend. Plus–Memorial Day Weekend! No way–I’m going on a bike-packing trip that has been planned for months now.

So I sent my boss this (HE chose to work from home today....convenient) after bitching with the other attorneys about it. They were just resigned to forfeiting their holiday plans:

I have plans to be out of town on Memorial Day weekend, starting on Friday evening. I do not wish to cancel these long-standing plans, although I understand that Mearday is an extremely important case for the firm.
Please advise.

Vindication was quick:

I forgot that is Memorial Day weekend. We will have a team meeting the next Saturday-- the first one of June.

Ok, so all’s well that ends well (although the later weekend is still messed up–but at least not a holiday weekend). What’s crazy though is that even the partner who requested that we not shoot him didn’t have the nuts to question the boss about this. All of the guys just planned on moping and griping, but felt completely helpless against the boss’s edict. What an office of meek, spineless cowards.


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