Friday, May 27, 2005

Starved Rock Countdown

Bike smuggled into grocery store: check (It is a bungeed work of art that I don’t want to dismantle until Starved Rock)
Cookies purchased for the ride: check
Fully-loaded bike smuggled into office building: check
Huge Chipotle burrito eaten at lunch: check
Credit Card situation resolved: check
ATM withdrawal of $200 for weekend: check
Motion to Quash Subpoenas finished: check (and partner said they looked great–after doubting earlier in the day that I could get them finished AND after I informed him that his interpretation of HIPAA law was completely wrong...tehehe)

Countdown to Starved Rock began the moment I woke up today. I’m biding my time and busting out as soon as 5:00 hits. Off to the bike shop I will go for patch glue and some CO2 cartridges.

Then Critical Mass and the journey to Starved Rock.

Rock on–and have a great weekend!


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