Wednesday, May 11, 2005

One month away....

The World Naked Bike Ride is one month from today. I've been looking forward to this event since riding it last year. I'm even missing another bridal shower to do this ride (Yes, dear friend since kindergarten--I won't be able to attend your bridal shower because I'd rather bike around Chicago naked with a bunch of freaks). The only 'problem' is that I don't want to cut my hair until after the ride, and I'm itching to whack some inches off.

Last year there were several points in the ride where I strategically pulled my hair to the front for some.....coverage. The ride drew out about 200 people and we created a spectacle everywhere we rode. The tourists and bar-hoppers especially loved us--cameras flashed constantly and people cheered in support or shock. However, the group got really thin and spread out as we wiggled around the stand-still traffic on Michigan Avenue. Me and two guys got cut off from the group by heavy cross traffic and had to wait out a red light.

Let me say that riding nudily in a large group of people feels radically different than being stationary and straddling a bike at an intersection on Michigan Avenue. The latter feels...well--just like being exposed on Michigan Avenue. Plus this time there was no denial that the cameraphone and cameras flashes were pointed directly at me and my companions. All of the rationalizations of other pictures (the pictures will be blurry because of our speed, I'm just one in a large group, they won't have time to take a good picture....) pretty much disappeared. I modestly pulled the hair forward and took off when the light turned green. And so--I have to postpone a haircut for another whole month!

If your city will participate in the WNBR, I highly recommend it. If you think it would be fun, but your city isn't signed up--well, then get off your butt and organize it yourself!


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