Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Tuesday was not a normal day. First, I decided to go swimming before work. I also learned that my removeable rear rack fits perfectly on the Julep. My swimsuit on me–not so much because I swim in my Speedo even when I’m dry, because it is super-sloppy on my body. This is not caused from weight loss–but instead apparently the material is just shot. I think the fact that it is about 10 years old must be the cause. I remember buying it when I still lived with my parents. Pretty good stint for a suit. I wore yoga pants over the suit to ride into work, but soon I will be back to biking just in a swimsuit. WooHoo!

Anyway, I did some laps this morning, and my form has gone the way of the swimsuit–loose, sloppy and ugly. I threw some of the hand-paddles on and did some backstroke laps. Damn–that feels interesting in the arm muscles.

I don’t know why I have been postponing showering at the gym instead of at home–because it is sooo good. I feel super-clean today at work. I’ve been wasting a lot of time in the mornings eating and getting ready. But when I used to shower at my destination I was usually out of the house in about ten minutes. Contacts, brush teeth, pack clothes, leave. Make oatmeal at work to eat while booting up computer.

Besides being cleaner at work and saving time, I get the bonus of showering in a place that I don’t have to eventually clean. I have complete disregard for the drains at the gym so I gleefully dropped clump after clump of loose hair on the floor. tehehe. I also lost a bandaid in the pool or shower. Bad. Bad. Bad. I was the person we all hate today. I left the gym barefoot and my swimsuit is drying on my office doorknob. So professional. At least I hid my stank-nasty Sketchers in the closet to keep the stench from invading my office.

Then in the afternoon I started dragging ass in a serious way–so I closed the door and laid down on the floor for a quick nap. Apparently I fell asleep, because I was jolted back into consciousness when the phone rang less than ten minutes later.

This is when a weird thing happened: I received a call asking if I would represent an NFL football player in his civil dispute. What. The. Fuck. The details aren’t worked out yet, but the bosses are pretty excited. My boss is an egomaniac and loves to see his name in the paper–so he’s all over it. The question of course is–where did they get my name?

Answer: is basically a generic white-pages for attorneys. My profile does nothing to instill confidence. Here is a search string that would bring up my name if the profile was more fleshed out and unbiased: [inexperienc* /s lazy /s "JD 2003" /s unprofessional]. Seriously though, who looks at lawyers’ profiles and picks a really young lawyer? The fact that the case will generate press is incentive enough for many firms to take it. Besides, from the profession that invented ‘ambulance chasing’ it’s not as if most firms are turning clients away at the door. Plus, NFL guys probably need other types of legal help–wills, real estate, investments....and have friends with the same needs. Handling a small matter of this type well can bring in more lucrative business later. So basically, we are perplexed by why, given all of these factors would I get the call? But assuming he agrees to the firm’s retainer and payment policies, we have a new client.

Too friggin’ weird.


At 10:09 PM, Blogger Frick said...


Yeah, that's so messed up it deserves a nested wtf.

At 2:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to be shy about showering in the communal shower room in the women's locker room at my gym, but that go's away after the first shower or two.

After that you won't even care that other women are seeing you nude!

There is even a local TV news anchor woman who go's to my gym and she is perfectly comfortable being nude in the locker room even though everyone knows who she is.

We women need to learn to be more accepting of our bodies and not feel ashamed to be seen nude in a locker room!



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