Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Day Weekend

I missed my train, and therefore Steph's bridal shower. It was mostly my fault for cutting the timing so close--I flew downtown, but then took a street East that didn't connect to the southbound street that I wanted. Then all of the bridges were up and I waited helplessly, trapped on the wrong side of the city. Had I realized how long I'd wait at the bridge, I could have gone back West to follow the river's curve and made my train. But instead I waited and then frantically raced to the station--and making poor navigating decisions in my haste. I wasted precious minutes trying to save time. I think I would have been completely fine if I would have initially taken the correct route, because I would have avoided the bridge fiasco and probably all of my creative detours, too. But, instead I missed my train.

Unexpectedly, my parents offered to pick me up in Milwaukee if I caught a later train. So I ended up going home for Mother's Day, at least. Saturday night I spent at Kim and Brian's house and got to see their baby Oliver again. [Expect a post about babies in a few days when i have scanned in some pictures.] Damn do I love that family. Talking with Kim always makes me feel better.

They dropped me off at my parents' house the next morning--and I was locked out. I immediately surveyed my options to break--in. I first considered the woodroom entrance, but was too lazy to dig in the shed for the correct tool. Then I walked around the house until I saw what I was looking for--a window with the screen partially up. I forced the inner glass completely up, and further opened the screen. Then I scampered up and through the window and slid down the couch and onto the TV room floor. The dog was going happily crazy throughout this procedure and whimpering for me to succeed.

I brought my stuff inside, made the dog a leash out of string and took her for a 2+ mile walk. When I got back my parents were home preparing brunch and I pitched in. The visit with the Gparents was nice and I didn't let my mom annoy me too much.

Afterwards I went out into the shed to investigate the two bikes I saw there. They are my parents from years ago. One had a flat front tire, and the other one's tires both held air, but the rear was rubbing against the frame. I tried to reseat it, but then realized that it was hopelessly out of true. Dad and I swapped out the rear wheel from the other bike to make one functional bike. This rear rim was wider so I had to adjust the brakes. It was very bizarre, because my dad tried to adjust them, but was loosening the wrong bolt. I took over and he was my assistant--this was probably a first in my lifetime that I had more mechanical insight than my dad, and it felt cool.

I took the bike for a short spin and came back to find my dad tinkering with the messed up rear wheel. He was using an adjustable wrench to loosen the spoke nipples. Considering the brake incident, I was surprised that he knew anything about spoke adjustment. I did teach him how to figure out the righty-tightey, lefty-loosey trick [judge by the looking from the rim, not the hub]. He managed to pull the wheel closer to true, but I think it is probably useless. The wheels on those bikes are heavy steel. After raising the seat about four inches, the working bike road pretty well and shifted easily. Those bikes were from Sears probably 20 years ago--so I'm pretty impressed--plus the chains were well-oiled and clean-looking. I hope my dad gets the other bike working and they actually use the bikes this summer.

Overall it was a pretty nice weekend. To be honest, I don't feel very bad about missing the bridal shower. That sort of event isn't my thing and the bride's mom is pretty obnoxious and materialistic, so I think I would have spent a lot of time rolling my eyes and biting my tongue anyway. For one reason or another I have missed all of my friends' bridal showers: Kim, Kristine, Shalan and now Steph. I think this streak should continue (I still buy gifts, I just miss out on mingling with old relatives and playing stupid, cheesy games).


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How about bachelorette parties - do you attend those?


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